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Kansas Basketball: Hype Videos to Get You Ready for the National Championship Game

The nerves are real, but I’m here to help.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-Semifinals-Villanova vs Kansas Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

We are a few painfully long hours away from watching Kansas and North Carolina battle for the 2022 National Championship.

If you’re anything like me, you woke up today with a bizarre feeling of both childlike excitement and overwhelming anxiety.

We all know that tonight could be one of the greatest sports experiences of our lifetimes. Of course, we also know it could be one of the most painful. Especially, since it’s been 10 long years since the Jayhawks were in this position.

According to DraftKings, the Jayhawks are a 4 point favorite over the Tar Heels.

In my opinion, if you objectively look at the analytics, player matchups, and the eye-test, you have to like those odds. But Kansas could be a 50 point favorite against the Topeka YMCA, and I would still be terrified.

On that note, let’s get to the point: To help turn your nerves into excitement and hopefully make time go by faster, I collected my favorite KU hype videos currently trending on Twitter. Enjoy!

Bill Self could give this same speech to the team tonight, and every word would still ring true.

This quote is one of my all-time favorites: “You can’t hope good things happen tonight. You expect them to happen, and they will.”

We need this mentality from the guys tonight.

Holy crap, this might be the best fan-made Kansas hype video I’ve ever seen. If you have experience with video editing, then you can imagine how long this took him to produce.

HUGE shoutout to Jayhawk Focus for the hard work.

This video has me absolutely buzzing.

I don’t know about you guys, but seeing “narrated by Danny Manning” gave me chills before I even pressed play.


But first, let’s watch one more:

What a moment.

It’s so hard to believe this was 14 years ago. 14! That’s way, way too long for this program to go without a title. It’s time to change that tonight.

Okay okay, one more for real this time:

This is undoubtedly my favorite Kansas Basketball video on the internet. I’ve watched it at minimum 500 times, and it never gets old. Chills, and borderline tears, every time.

One more game. Rock Chalk.