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Notebook: National Champion David McCormack Declares for Draft

Wait! I have an idea. These wieners will give me the quick energy I need to escape!

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The Rock Chalkboard

David McCormack declares for 2022 NBA Draft
David McCormack has declared for the 2022 NBA Draft, the big man announced Tuesday afternoon on his Instagram. In a statement he released, McCormack said he couldn't imagine ending his KU career better than he did this past season. As a senior in 2021-22, McCormack averaged 10.6 points on 50.8 percent shooting from the field, while grabbing seven rebounds per game.

Bits o Chalk

Jerry West demands retraction, apology over portrayal in HBO series 'Winning Time'
Former Los Angeles Lakers executive Jerry West is demanding a retraction and an apology for what he called "a baseless and malicious assault" on his character in the HBO series "Winning Time," in a letter sent Tuesday evening by his legal team to the network and producer Adam McKay that was obtained by ESPN.

Eraser Dust

Jordan Klepper Reveals The Baffling Request He Gets From Trump Fans
Instead of wanting to chase him down or scream at him for his videos that expose the hypocrisy of the former president and his devotees, Klepper said right-wingers now often ask him for a selfie.

Liam Gallagher says he needs a double hip replacement due to arthritis but would rather be in pain | Daily Mail Online
'My hips are f***ed, I've got arthritis, bad, I went to get it checked out and my bones are mashed up,' he told MoJo Magazine.

'I think I'd rather just be in pain, which is ridiculous, obviously, I know that.'

Noel Gallagher’s guitar damaged on night Oasis split goes up for auction | Noel Gallagher | The Guardian
Gallagher initially repaired the instrument after the band split, although he “got rid of it in the end, because it reminds him too much of Oasis”, according to Arthur Perault, the gallery’s other co-founder.

Greta Van Fleet Singer Apologizes for Cultural Appropriation
Recently fans started up the #SpeakUpGVF hashtag, calling for the singer to address the issue online. As was shared by multiple Twitter users within the thread, Kiska posted on his Instagram in 2017 multiple photos of himself and friends donning copies of sacred Indigenous wear. The hashtag campaign sought to have Kiszka address the photos that remained posted despite being culturally appropriative and deemed offensive to various Native cultures. It was stated that attempts had been made to contact Kiszka to ask him to remove the photos and provide an apology.

Biden administration changes to student loan programs could bring millions closer to getting out of debt - CBS News
To address the issue, the Education Department will conduct a one-time account adjustment to count certain long-term forbearances toward income-driven and public service related forgiveness. The changes will be automatically applied to borrowers accounts later this year. Borrowers that were steered into shorter-term forbearances will also be able to seek account reviews. At the same time, the administration will increase oversight of servicers' abilities to enroll borrowers in forbearance including working with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to do regular audits of forbearance use.

Kalispell man accused of sexually assaulting teen girls at party | Daily Inter Lake
Prosecutors allege that a 25-year-old who passed himself off as a teenager at an underage Halloween party last year raped one girl and sexually assaulted two others.

Kalispell's Glacier High School French program receives national recognition
Glacier is one of only five high schools in the country to receive the “Exemplary French Program” honor from the American Association of Teachers of French.