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Notebook: Kansas Advances to Final Four

Who robs cave fish of their sight? Who rigs every Oscar night? We do! We doooooo!

Skyline in autumn behind the Schuylkill River Boardwalk at Sunset, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA Photo by: Jumping Rocks/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The Rock Chalkboard

Kansas Jayhawks Storm Past Miami 76-50 to Reach Final Four - Blue Wings Rising
Miami is the team named after a natural disaster, but it was Kansas delivering a devastating storm on its opponent on the way to New Orleans and the Final Four. The Jayhawks left no doubts of their fate after 30 minutes of play after a 76-50 win Sunday in Chicago.

Kansas Jayhawk Player Ratings to the Theme of Chicago Foods - Blue Wings Rising
Whew. Your heart rate was probably pretty elevated in that one, and what better way to test that muscle than with some deliciously fatty foods? With Kansas playing in Chicago, it was time to rate the players’ performances based on some iconic Chicago culinary specialties.

'Fabulous' David McCormack dominant in KU's win over Miami
CHICAGO — David McCormack flexed and took several long, aggressive strides along the sideline. It was the most emotion McCormack had shown in a long time, perhaps ever during his KU basketball career. But with a trip to the Final Four in the balance, McCormack did what he does best, he battled inside and turned a missed shot from a teammate into points for KU.

WATCH: Kansas returns to Allen Fieldhouse following Elite Eight win
Kansas is headed to New Orleans. The Jayhawks punched their ticket to the Final Four on Sunday with a 76-50 win over Miami in Chicago. Following the game, KU returned to Lawrence where lots of KU fans greeted them inside Allen Fieldhouse. Watch the video above to see more.

Eraser Dust

US plan to provide 15bn cubic meters of natural gas to EU alarms climate groups | Fossil fuels | The Guardian
The increased gas exports from the US will escalate further, with the EU aiming to get 50bn cubic meters of gas a year from America and other countries in order to reduce its reliance upon Russia after its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

Will Smith hit Chris Rock on Oscars telecast | CNN
Rock then said, “Oh uh,” and laughed as Smith walked toward him on stage and slapped Rock on the face.

According to CNN reporter Stephanie Elam, who is in the audience, she could hear Rock getting hit. Smith said twice during the incident, according to Elam, “Keep my wife’s name out of your f***ing mouth!”

Biden’s Remark on Putin Stirs Anxiety Among Western Allies - WSJ
WASHINGTON—President Biden’s remark that Russian President Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power” came under fire for muddying U.S. policy and threatening to undermine diplomatic efforts to end the war in Ukraine.

In response to the war, Americans flee Russia in droves : NPR
"You can't call it a war, you can't call it an invasion, you can't call Russia the aggressor," she said. "It would be impossible to not violate the law and to be able to report. It just seemed suddenly it was very dangerous for all of us."

Biden Aims to Boost Military and Social Spending in 2023 Budget - The New York Times
The president will unveil his latest budget proposal amid war in Ukraine and concerns at home about rising costs.

Watch Liam Gallagher dedicate 'Live Forever' to Taylor Hawkins at London’s Royal Albert Hall
“I dedicate this last song to the one and only Taylor fucking Hawkins,” Gallagher said, as the drummer’s image appeared on the screen behind him. “This is for you, brother,” he added.”

Going Green - Flathead Beacon
“We had people parking across the highway and walking over four lanes of traffic to get to us,” said 406 Farmacy marketing manager Elaina Grinstead. “People were asking for receipts to prove they were hear on Rec One. We had to bring in all our employees to give our budtenders a break because the whole day was nonstop.”

Businesses look to hire ‘untapped workers’ | Daily Inter Lake
To solve that issue, Gardner and many of her industry partners are turning to “untapped” workers. Older workers, workers with disabilities, veterans and workers who have been involved in the justice system all offer labor opportunities for businesses willing to get creative with their recruitment.