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I probably should have glommed on to Mike and Andy’s announcement but I can assure you all that was out of sheer laziness than anything else. In fact, I haven’t written anything here for about a year so some people reading this probably have no idea who I am, and I had to double check to make sure I still knew how to publish on this bad boy.

Like Mike and Andy, I’m leaving RCT. I had a bit of a soft departure a year ago when I told them I wouldn’t be able to write the previews and recaps anymore, but while I am excited to help them in whatever way I can build up the new site (probably mostly via tweeting jokes and statistical observations), it’s still a drag to leave this place. I started writing here in 2009 when Owen asked me to write some statistical observations from each game. I had just started getting into advanced stats in basketball, and always had a predilection for writing my thoughts down, so it seemed perfect.

At the time I was just a Kansas fan in North Dakota who had never been to Lawrence but fell in love with the school because another North Dakotan, Jeff Boschee, decided to play basketball there. Over a decade later I proudly hang my KU diploma on my office wall and made some of my best memories in Lawrence, partially because my love for KU only grew through the RCT community and interacting with everyone on a daily basis.

That leads me to my one and only thank you: to you, the reader, and especially the ones who showed up to comment most days whether it be on the game threads or on specific posts or on my personal favorites, the daily news and notes when we would do everything from talk about football recruiting strategies to the Panama Canal.

I will admit I don’t get sentimental often, but have to here: Although I only met a couple of you in person, I can say I consider you all my friends, and could never truly express what getting to comment and joke around with you guys means to me. I hope you all decide to join the Discord at the new place (please feel free to contact me or Andy for an invite) because doing this is, for me anyway, is worthless without all of you.

Thanks. Bye.