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Notebook: Kansas Set for Baylor

Mom, I know your intentions are good, but aren’t the Police the protective force that maintains the status quo for the wealthy elite? Don’t you think we ought to attack the roots of social problems instead of jamming people into overcrowded prisons?

Daily Life In Celestun During The Covid-19 Pandemic Photo by Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The Rock Chalkboard

Two Conference Races Can End For The Kansas Jayhawks In Waco This Weekend - Blue Wings Rising
No, that is not a typo on the schedule. Both Kansas Jayhawk basketball teams are in action on Saturday down in Waco, TX taking on the Baylor Bears. In another unexpected twist, both games are extremely consequential in the Big 12 regular season conference race.

Bits o Chalk

Noel Gallagher's favourite Pink Floyd song of all time
‘Nobody Home’ features on the band’s standout LP The Wall. Picking out his third song of the traditional eight numbers, he says to host Kirstie Young: “I’m gonna play a track by Pink Floyd,” he notes, “from the album, The Wall, I know every single word and I can sing it in sequence at the drop of a hat. Roger Waters, for me… I’d love to meet him. His songwriting is so simple yet the story is so grandiose and the whole thing is so epic—I wish I could write an album like that y’know. A concept album. I think I’d have to get extremely pretentious first but this track, called ‘Nobody Home’, it bends my head.”

He then goes on to jokingly confess, “I’ve probably ripped it off at least three times or more. If you’re listening Roger Waters, I am gonna lick your face one day.” A fearsome threat to accompany one of the most beautiful moments in a bleak record.

Ketanji Brown Jackson nominated as first Black woman to sit on Supreme Court | CNN Politics
“Her opinions are always carefully reasoned, tethered to precedent and demonstrate respect for how the law impacts everyday people,” Biden said. “It doesn’t mean she puts her thumb on the scale of justice one way or the other. But she understands the broader impacts of her decisions, whether it’s cases addressing the rights of workers or government service. She cares about making sure that our democracy works for the American people. She listens. She looks people in the eye – lawyers, defendants victims and families – and she strives ensure that everyone understands why she made a decision, what the law is, and what it means to them. She strives to be fair, to get it right, to do justice. That’s something all of us should remember. And it’s something I’ve thought about throughout this process.”

‘I’ll Stand on the Side of Russia’: Pro-Putin Sentiment Spreads Online - The New York Times
After marinating in conspiracy theories and Donald J. Trump’s Russia stance, some online discourse about Vladimir Putin has grown more complimentary.

Zelensky defiant: Ukrainian president refuses US offer to evacuate, saying 'I need ammunition, not a ride' | CNN
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has turned down an offer from the United States of evacuation from the capital city Kyiv, the Ukraine embassy in Britain said Saturday on Twitter.

Curtis Reeves, retired Florida cop, acquitted of murdering Chad Oulson in theater
His lawyers successfully argued that police training informed Reeves’ decision to open fire, as he believed his life was in danger when the victim threw his cellphone at his face and appeared ready to climb over the seat and attack him.

100,000 Ukrainians flee to Poland amid Russian attacks | Russia-Ukraine crisis News | Al Jazeera
“From the onset of warfare in Ukraine through today, along the entire border with Ukraine, 100,000 people have crossed the border from Ukraine into Poland,” Deputy Interior Minister Pawel Szefernaker told reporters on Saturday in the border village of Medyka, southeastern Poland.

The U.S. sanctions on Russian oligarchs miss the richest of rich : NPR
U.S. sanctions target Russian President Vladmir Putin and a handful of individuals believed to be among his closest security advisers, including Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. But the list is just as notable for who isn't on it — most of the top names from Forbes' list of the richest Russians whose multi-billion-dollar fortunes are now largely intertwined with the West, from investments in Silicon Valley start-ups to British Premier League soccer teams.

Whitefish City Council Votes to Reduce Number of Deed Restricted Homes in Subdivision - Flathead Beacon
The council’s vote dropped the number of deed restricted units at the developing neighborhood from 58 to 48, and will free up 10 units to be sold on the free market, something developer Jerry Dunker put forward as a necessary option due to the rising costs of the project that he says have been driven up by increasing material and labor costs, and material shortages and delays that have caused a more lengthy, complicated building process.

James Harden defends himself as a teammate after strong 76ers debut
MINNEAPOLIS — James Harden had just hit a stepback 3-pointer while being fouled, a move seen countless times from the 10-time All-Star and 2018 MVP. Joel Embiid, his new teammate, raised both hands and met up with Harden at midcourt for a hug.

Eating disorders among teen girls doubled during pandemic, CDC study shows | Coronavirus | The Guardian
“​​We are seeing such a high volume of patients in need of eating disorder care as well as worsening severity,” said Tracy Richmond, a physician and the director of the eating disorder program at Boston Children’s Hospital, who was not involved in the CDC study. “It feels really clear for those of us who take care of teenagers that there is an absolute second pandemic of mental health needs in adolescents.”