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Looking at KU Football Scholarship Count and Distribution for 2023

Limiting transfers gives them a chance to reach the scholarship limit

Kansas v Oklahoma Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Prompted by a reader question sent to me via Twitter DMs, I thought it was a good time to revisit the scholarship count and distribution for KU Football with the early signing period over. Looking back on my speculation of where the scholarship count was headed for 2023, the Jayhawks are on track to come close to reaching the limit before next season, but I still think it will be 2024 before they get there. When I last mulled over the scholarship count in early September, I thought 10 or 11 players would enter the transfer portal, and to date 6 have. I would expect several more to enter after the bowl game and a few more after spring practice. So I think my estimate of 10 or 11 is right on. I may miss the mark a bit in my estimates for the number of players returning as super seniors. My guess was 5 would return. It looks like the actual number will be 7 unless one or more ends up on the transfer list. So who is leaving? Below is my breakdown of players leaving and why.

Caleb Sampson (Out of Eligibility)

Earl Bostick (Out of Eligibility)

Eddie Wilson (Out of Eligibility)

Jelani Arnold (Out of Eligibility)

Lorenzo McCaskill (Out of Eligibility)

Malcolm Lee (Out of Eligibility)

Monte’ McGary (Out of Eligibility)

Sam Burt (Out of Eligibility)

Spencer Roe (Out of Eligibility)

Mac Copeland (Out of Eligibility)

Jason Bean (Transfer/Graduation)

Gavin Potter (Transfer)

Edwin White-Schultz (Transfer)

Shaad Dabney (Transfer)

Steven McBride (Transfer)

Eriq Gilyard (Transfer)

Jarret Paul (Transfer)

Though Jason Bean has a year of eligibility remaining if he wants to use a COVID year, he went through Senior Day ceremonies, so I assume he has either decided to transfer or he has decided it is time to move on from college football. Also, though Spencer Roe is on the list above, I do not think he was given a scholarship after initially joining the team as a walk-on, so he will not be included in the scholarship counts. With that said, the list above numbers 16 players being lost that were on scholarship for the 2022 season. If three or four additional players not listed above enter the portal after the bowl game and three or four more enter after spring practice, the total number of players departing the team will be between 22-24.

Now, what about incoming players? So far 12 high school players have signed national letters of intent to come to Kansas and an additional 6 transfers have pledged their commitment. Assuming all of the transfer commitments hold, the coaching staff has offset the known loss of players and added two players to the total scholarship roster, 81 total. But if my assumption of 6-8 more players departing via the transfer portal holds, the coaching staff still needs to add 4-6 players just to hold the scholarship count where it was at the start of the 2022 season.

So bottom line, can the coaching staff max out the scholarship count for the 2023 season? To do it the final incoming class of high school recruits and transfers would need to total between 30 and 32 players depending on the final number transferring out. That is a big number and I do not think KU gets to the 85 scholarship limit. If additional transfers out are limited to the 3 to 4 range and the end target number needed to reach the scholarship limit is instead 27-28, I think that is doable. If 28 is the number, adding 10 more high school and transfer players is reasonable, and KU can get back to the scholarship limit.

Below is how the player breakdown by class as I see it heading into the 2023 season after the early signing period and know transfer commitments.

Scholarship Count and Distribution 2023

Position Scholarship Count Walk-on Count Freshman Sophmore Junior Senior
Position Scholarship Count Walk-on Count Freshman Sophmore Junior Senior
QB 3 3 Ethan Vasko#, Jack Jackson#*, Kia Kunz#* Ben Easters# -- Jalon Daniels, Jordan Preston#*
RB 6 2 Johnny Thompson DeAndre Thomas Jr.#* Devin Neal, Jack Codwell#*, Ky Thomas#, Sevion Morrison#, Daniel Hishaw Jr.# Torry Locklin#
WR 11 3 Quinton Conley#*, Cole Rhoden#*, Jared Sample, Keaton Kubecka, Logan Brantley, Surahz Buncom Kelan Robinson#, Tanaka Scott# Lawrence Arnold#, Quentin Skinner#, Douglas Emilien# Luke Grimm, Trevor Wilson, Kevin Terry#*
TE 6 2 Max Dowling#*, Jaden Hamm Mack Moeller#*, Jared Casey#, Trevor Kardell#, Will Huggins# Mason Fairchild, Tevita Noa
OL 14 5 James Livingston#, Joey Baker#, Kael Farkes#*, Calvin Clements Nolan Gorczyca#, De'Kedrick Sterns#, Hank Kelly#*, Jake Eisenhauer#*, Armaj Reed-Adams#, Bryce Cabeldue#, Danny Robinson#*, Deondre Doiron#, Jackson Satterwhite#, Joe Krause#*, Michael Ford Jr.#, Kobe Baynes#, Logan Brown# Mike Novitsky#, Dominick Puni#
DT 11 1 Andon Carpenter#*, Blake Herold, Marcus Calvin, Tony Terry D.J. Withers#, Tommy Dunn Jr.#, Gage Keys# Caleb Taylor# Ronald McGee#^, Jereme Robinson, Kenean Caldwell, Devin Phillips#^
DE 6 2 Parker Williams#* Davion Westmoreland#, Dean Miller#, Cole Petrus#*, D'Marion Alexander#, Austin Booker# Hayden Hatcher#, Lonnie Phelps#
LB 6 5 Ty Farrington#* Tristian Fletcher, Cole Mondi#* Cornell Wheeler#, Donovan Gaines#*, Krishawn Brown#, Ben Coates#* Rich Miller, Craig Young#, Dylan Downing#*, Taiwan Berryhill
CB 5 2 Brain Dilworth# Jaden Robinson#* Cam'Ron Dabney, Jacobee Bryant, Ra'Mello Dotson# Kwinton Lassiter#*, Kalon Gervin#
S 9 3 Kaleb Purdy#, Mason Ellis#, Kenrick Osei-Bonsu#*, Jameel Croft, Taylor Davis Jalen Dye#, Jayson Gilliom#, Landon Nelson#*, O.J. Burroughs Kenny Logan Jr., Marvin Grant#, Andrew Russell*
ST 4 5 Charlie Weinrich(K)# Grayden Addison (P)#*, Owen Piepergerdes (K)#* Emory Duggar (LS)*# Jacob Borcila (K)#, Luke Hosford (LS)*#, Reis Vernon (P), Tabor Allen (K)*, Seth Keller(K)
Totals 81 33
* Denotes Walk-on
^ Super-Senior
# Red Shirt Year Used