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KU Depth Chart Ahead of the Liberty Bowl

Lots of 2s have been shuffled

Kansas v Kansas State Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

Below is the depth chart released by KU ahead of next week’s Liberty Bowl matchup with Arkansas. Though the starting roles remain unchanged, there were several changes to the backup roles since the last two-deep what released before the K-State game nearly a month ago.


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Offensively, Jalon Daniels is the clear 1 now, no longer listed as an ‘OR’ with Jason Bean. Tanaka Scott and Kevin Terry are the clear 2 at the X and Z wide receiver spots, respectively. As a result of those wide receiver changes Trevor Wilson no longer appears on the two deep. The offensive line back-ups have been shuffled a lot. Jackson Satterwhite is no longer listed as the backup to Earl Bostick at left tackle, instead, Dre Doiron is the 2. Reed-Adams is no longer the backup at left guard but is listed as an ‘OR’ 1 at right guard. That change led to Gorczyca moving from back-up at right guard to back-up to Puni at left guard. Kobe Baynes has moved up the 2 at right tackle. Lastly, for the offensive line, Joe Krause who I think is a walk-on is listed as the 2 at center.

Defensively, the changes are limited to filling in spots left open by players entering the transfer portal. Jalen Dye has moved into a backup role at safety behind Kenny Logan. Brian Dilworth has moved into a backup spot at cornerback behind Ra’Mello Dotson. Lastly, two players are listed as the backup to Rich Miller at middle linebacker, a transfer from Michigan Cornell Wheeler, and a local product from Bishop Miege Dylan Downing.

Special teams had a change of note. Not surprisingly, Jacob Borcila is no longer the 1 at placekicker, that spot has been taken by Owen Piepergerdes. What is surprising to me is Borcila is no longer on the two-deep, instead the backup place-kicking duties now fall to Tabor Allen, if needed.



  1. Jalon Daniels
  2. Jason Bean


  1. Devin Neal OR Ky Thomas OR Sevion Morrison


  1. Lawrence Arnold
  2. Tanaka Scott


  1. Quentin Skinner
  2. Kevin Terry


  1. Luke Grimm
  2. Douglas Emilien

Tight End

  1. Mason Fairchild
  2. Trevon Kardell OR Jared Casey

Left Tackle

  1. Earl Bostick
  2. Dre Doiron

Left Gaurd

  1. Dominick Puni
  2. Nolan Gorczyca


  1. Mike Novitsky
  2. Joe Krause

Right Gaurd

  1. Michael Ford OR Armaj Reed-Adams

Right Tackle

  1. Bryce Cabeldue
  2. Kobe Baynes


Weak-side Defensive End

  1. Lonnie Phelps
  2. Hayden Hatcher

Defensive Tackle

  1. Caleb Sampson
  2. Caleb Taylor OR DJ Withers

Defensive Tackle

  1. Sam Burt
  2. Eddie Wilson

Strong-side Defensive End

  1. Malcolm Lee
  2. Jereme Robinson

Will Linebacker

  1. Taiwan Berryhill
  2. Lorenzo McCaskill

Mike Linebacker

  1. Rich Miller
  2. Cornell Wheeler OR Dylan Downing

Hawk Linebacker

  1. Craig Young
  2. Donovan Gaines OR Taiwan Berryhill


  1. Cobee Bryant
  2. Kalon Gervin


  1. Ra’Mello Dotson
  2. Brian Dilworth


  1. Kenny Logan
  2. Jalen Dye


  1. Marvin Grant OR OJ Burroughs

Special Teams

Kick Return

  1. Kenny Logan
  2. Luke Grimm

Punt Return

  1. OJ Burroughs
  2. Devin Neal


  1. Reis Vernon
  2. Grayden Addison

Place Kicker

  1. Owen Piepergerdes
  2. Tabor Allen


  1. Tabor Allen
  2. Owen Piepergerdes