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KU Basketball Quadrant Tracker

Otherwise known as a who to cheer for list

Indiana v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

With two games left in the non-conference schedule, tomorrow night against Harvard, and a January 28th meeting with Kentucky, it is a good time to look at one of the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee's essential factors that determine seeds, Quadrant wins, and losses.

The Jayhawks have ranked up a few Quad 1 wins and numerous Quad 4 wins. The one loss they have is currently a “good” loss since it was a Quad 1 match-up. The match-up with Harvard is not likely to turn into much of a seeding helper since it is now a Quad 3 matchup. But if you are looking to cheer for teams to help KU over the winter, keep the Crimson on your radar and hope they can tear up the Ivy league and pull themselves into the top 75 to make them a Quad 2 team.

Yes, that is right, it is important to remember the Quadrants are fluid. The rankings of each team played are not set in stone as of the day you played them. For example, the win over Seton Hall is currently a Quad 3 win, but if they play well during the Big East Conference season, their ranking could very easily move into the top 50 and turn that victory into a Quad 1 win. Conversely, if the Pirates fall on their collective face during the Big East season, it could fall outside the top 160 turning that victory into a Quad 4 win. It also means, as much as it may hurt, you want the loathsome Missouri Tigers and Duke Blue Devils to play well enough to maintain their ranking in the top 75 and top 50, respectively. So if you are looking for teams to cheer that do not call Lawrence, Kansas home, look through KU’s non-conference schedule, fire up the Big Ten Network, ACC Network, ESPN+, or the CBS Sports Network, and root on some of the teams the ‘Hawks have beaten and see if they can improve their ranking to give KU a seeding boost come March, I am looking at you Southern Utah, Seton Hall, North Carolina State, and Harvard.

Below is a reminder of how the different quadrants are determined. Playing at home, away, or on a “neutral” court matters. For rankings, I am using the NCAA Net rankings.

Quadrant 1: Home 1-30, Neutral 1-50, Away 1-75.

Quadrant 2: Home 31-75, Neutral 51-100, Away 76-135.

Quadrant 3: Home 76-160, Neutral 101-200, Away 135-240.

Quadrant 4: Home 161-353, Neutral 201-353, Away 241-353.


Current NET Ranking: 261

Prior: N/A

Since: L v Nebraska, W v Idaho, L to Ball State, L v Iowa, W v LA-Monroe, W v Southern, L v Mississippi St., L v North Texas, L v Drake, L v Montana State, W v Midland, W v Denver

Quad 4 Win

North Dakota State

Current NET Ranking: 305

Prior: L v Arkansas

Since: L v Pacific, L v Indiana State, W v Crown College, L v Northern Colorado, L v New Mexico, L v Jacksonville State, L v Eastern Washington, W v Portland, L v Montana, W v Waldorf, L v Western Illinois

Quad 4 Win


Current NET Ranking: 15

Prior: W v Jacksonville, W v USC Upstate,

Since: W v Delaware, W v Bellamine, W v Oregon State, W v Xavier, L v Purdue, W v Ohio State, W v Boston College, W v Iowa, W v Maryland Eastern, L v Wake Forest

Quad 1 Win

Southern Utah

Current NET Ranking: 162

Prior: L v New Mexico State, W v La Verne, W v St. Katherine, W v Bethesda

Since: L v Texas State, W v Sacramento State, L v Montana State, W v Idaho State, W v West Coast Baptist, W v Cal State Fullerton, W v Northern Arizona

Quad 4 Win

North Carolina State

Current NET Ranking: 46

Prior: W v Austin Peay, W v Campbell, W v Florida International, W v Elon,

Since: W v Dayton, W v Butler, W v William & Mary, L v Pittsburgh, W v Coppin State, L v Miami (FL), W v Furman, W v Vanderbilt

Quad 1 Win


Current NET Ranking: 47

Prior: W v South Dakota, W v Stanford, W v Green Bay, W v Dayton,

Since: W v Southern Cal, L v Wake Forest, W v Marquette, W v Maryland, W v Iowa, W v Lehigh

Quad 1 Win


Current NET Ranking: 4

Prior: W v Tennessee Tech, L v Colorado, W v Florida Gulf Coast, W v Butler, W v Southern Cal

Since: W v McNeese State, W v Alcorn State, W v Eastern Kentucky, W v Maryland, L v Arizona

Quad 1 Loss

Texas Southern

Current NET Ranking: 264

Prior: L v San Francisco, L v Texas Tech, L v Arizona State, L v Oral Roberts, L v Houston, L v Auburn, L v Samford

Since: W v North American, L v North Carolina A&T, W v Hampton

Quad 4 Win

Seton Hall

Current NET Ranking: 90

Prior: W v Monmouth, W v St. Peter’s, L v Iowa, Wv Wagner, W v Memphis, L v Oklahoma, L v Siena

Since: W v Lincoln PA, W v Rutgers, W v Drexel, L v Providence, L v Xavier

Quad 3 Win


Current NET Ranking: 65

Prior: W v Southern Indiana, W v Penn, W v Lindenwood, W v SIU Edwardsville, W v Mississippi Valley, W v Coastal Carolina, W v Houston Baptist, W v Wichita State, W v SE Missouri

Since: W v Central Florida

Quad 1 Win


Current NET Ranking: 21

Prior: W v Morehead State, W v Bethune-Cookman, W v Xavier, W v Miami (OH), W v Little Rock, W v Jackson State, W v North Carolina, L v Rutgers, W v Nebraska, L v Arizona

Since: W v Elon

Quad 1 Win


Current NET Ranking: 156

Prior: W v Morehouse, L v LA Lafayette, W v Elon, W v Northeastern, W v Sienna, W v Loyola IL, L v Fordham, W v Holy Cross, L v Umass, W v Tufts, L v Howard, W v UC Irvine

Since: N/A

Quad 3 matchup currently


Current NET Ranking: 30

Prior: W v Howard, W v Duquesne, L v Michigan State, W v South Carolina State, L v Gonzaga, W v North Florida, W v Bellarmine, W v Michigan, W v Yale, L v UCLA

Since: N/A

Quad 1 matchup currently