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Texas Destroys Kansas, 55-14

That was ugly

Texas v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Most sports movies follow the same formula. A group of plucky underdogs initially struggle but then they come together to defeat the snobby star players in the big game. I’ve always wondered what would happen if the underdogs had to replay that big game the next night. The star players know to expect The Annexation of Puerto Rico. They want revenge for the humiliating loss. The rematch is gonna hurt for our heroes.

The 2021 Kansas Jayhawks had their Little Giants moment against Texas when they won in overtime and the nation celebrated. Today was the bloody rematch. There was no Disney happy ending today. It was pain from the jump.

Jalon Daniels is not fully recovered or at the level he was when he left. The defense looked like a wet paper bag and let’s not even talk about the kicking team. Today was bad and reminiscent of the Jayhawks from the last decade.

No matter how bad we looked today, this season has been tremendously successful. Every single person reading this article would take a David Beaty style beat down against Texas in exchange for a bowl game. So keep your heads up Jayhawk fans. This is still a special season.