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Big 12 Football Week 12 Picks

George Costanza Week

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Last Week: 1-4

Overall: 30-35-1

In light of my poor picking performance over the last month, this week is George Costanza week. I am fighting my instincts and going the opposite of my initial picks.

TCU (-2.5) @ Baylor Sat. 11:00 FOX

My initial instinct is to take TCU to cover pretty easily, but I will only take them to win the game and Baylor to cover. Baylor has the home field and will bounce back after last week’s debacle against the Wildcats. TCU 37-35

Kansas St (-7.5) @ West Virginia Sat. 1:00 ESPN+

Will Howard is the better option if Martinez is healthy or not. He brings better consistency to the most important position on the field. Again my instinct is to take the Wildcats to cover, so I will take them only to win and West Virginia to cover. K-State 33-27

Texas (-9) @ Kansas Sat. 2:30 FS1

Who is playing quarterback for the Jayhawks this week? I think Jason Bean may get the start on Senior Day since he is now going through the ceremonies, but I think Saturday is the return of Jalon Daniels behind center. If somehow neither Jason nor Jalon are available, it falls to Ethan Vasko. If that is the case Texas wins and covers. Costanzo is a sky-is-falling person and would believe that is what will happen, I am going against that instinct and taking the Jayhawks to cover this week. KU 42-41

Texas Tech @ Iowa St.(-3.5) Sat. 6:00 FS1

So I thought initially that the Iowa State defense at home on a cold Saturday night would allow them to cover against the Red Raiders this week, so I am going with a Texas Tech cover in a low-scoring affair. Iowa St. 21-18

OU @ Oklahoma St. (-7) Sat. 6:30 ABC

This has to be a Cowboy cover right, that is what Costanza would say so I am taking the Sooners to cover. OSU 38-35

Week 11 Results

Game/Line Prediction Actual W/L/P
Game/Line Prediction Actual W/L/P
Oklahoma (-8) @ West Virginia OU 45-31 WV 23-20 L
Iowa St (-1) @ Oklahoma St. ISU 27-13 OSU 20-14 L
K-State @ Baylor (-2.5) Baylor 27-21 KSU 31-3 L
Kansas @ Texas Tech(-3.5) KU 38-28 TTU 42-28 L
TCU @ Texas (-7) TCU 34-31 TCU 17-10 W