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Stock Up, Stock Down: Post Texas Tech and Duke

Devin is on a heater

China Stock Market Photo credit should read CFOTO/Future Publishing via Getty Images

Stock up:

Devin Neal

Not sure how I did not have Devin on my list last week, but this guy has become a beast. Prior to Oklahoma State, he was a fine back and the best we have, but nothing head-turning. After the last two games in which he has had 414 yards rushing and 118 yards receiving, he looks to move to the next level of good.

Jason Bean Running

After his spectacular touchdown run against the Cowboys, Jason followed it up this week with great running and scrambling decisions again this week. He had another nice run for a touchdown, he scrambled nicely to find time to make the great throw to Skinner for a touchdown. As important, he understands better when to keep pushing a run and when to get down or out of bounds.

Tight Ends

Six catches, 115 yards, and 1 touchdown combined. I know if the offense tried to use them more their effectiveness would probably dip, but until then target these guys more. They may have better hands than the wide receivers, and they always find a way to get open.

Reis Vernon

A sneaky good night for the punter. He only kicked twice but averaged 48 yards a kick and had one inside the 20. For a guy who has averaged under 40 yards per kick for his career, it was a good night.

Jalen Wilson

First big stage game of the season and Jalen has the biggest scoring night of his career. He came back to up his future value. So far, so good.

Hardwood Hustle

From consecutive blocks defending the fast break by Harris and Udeh to 21 assists on 31 made baskets, the Jayhawks played great team basketball against Duke.

Stock Down:

Jacob Borcilla

Field goal kicking just needs to be better. I know ‘MitchLightfootIsTheBestEverAndILoveHim’ has detailed kicking from the hash mark struggles in the game open threads and comments to other posts, and it is a great point, but I will make a simpler case. Watch the flight path of his kicks compared to more successful kickers. On his attempts, the ball just flutters through the air whereas better kickers' attempts seem to slice through the air.

Jason Bean Passing Decisions

As good as his game was against the Cowboys, we saw the more typical Jason performance sneaking back onto the field against the Red Raiders. He just cannot throw the ball into quadruple coverage and expect good results.

Defensive Line

The defensive line did not turn in the performance the Jayhawks needed. Texas Tech ran 48 times for 248. The two main backs ran 18 times for 134 yards.

Dumb Penalties

From Lonnie lining up offsides to wide receivers lining up wrong causing an illegal downfield, add in a couple of false starts and it was a tough day for the small details.

Free Throws

Against Duke, the Jayhawks shot 57.1% from the line. That is bad and alone is a good reason for their appearance here. But to get 57.1% they only shot 7 free throws. 7! Duke shot 16. The difference probably has several explanations, but come on I cannot believe the Blue Devils played a much cleaner than the Jayhawks.