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View from the Couch: Texas Tech

TLDR: Never really felt like KU was going win

Kansas v Texas Tech Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images


So I am starting this week with a question for you who decorate for Christmas. Are you a post-Halloween Christmas decorator or a post-Thanksgiving Christmas decorator? I am a post-Thanksgiving decorator but have been overruled this year and I spent most of the day Saturday getting our Christmas decorations out and helping get the house decorated for Christmas.


When do you decorate for Christmas?

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    Post Halloween
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  • 76%
    Post Thanksgiving
    (13 votes)
  • 11%
    Don’t Decorate
    (2 votes)
  • 11%
    Bah Humbug
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First Quarter

  • KU defers, and as always I like that.
  • All-white uniforms are ok. Good playing a mainly black uniform Tech. I don’t know that I need to see these very often.
  • Another question, why is there no penalty for throwing tortillas on the field?
  • ESPN+ misses Tech getting their first down because of their Kenny Logan bowling package. Come on man, run that at a different time.
  • So did they miss the fumble or did they blow a whistle?
  • That was a fast and easy TD for Tech. 7-0.
  • Devin starts with a big run.
  • Jared Casey converts 4th down into a touchdown. 7-7.
  • No defense yet.
  • The line judge is stingy both ways on spotting the ball.
  • The field goal attempt is good. 10-7 TTU.
  • Kind of a win if both defenses take a pass on the game tonight.
  • Lawrence Arnold big play!!!
  • Just noticed it is Kevin Mar and his crew. Yuck.
  • We really need a better FG kicker. That is all.
  • Melo didn’t get a late hit.
  • Come on defense.
  • Back up, Back up, Lonnie!!! No, free 5 yards.
  • Dang. Touchdown Thompson. 17-7.
  • The defensive line is getting killed.
  • Bean’s great run was nullified by hold. Lineman didn’t need to do it

Second Quarter

  • Wow, a 2-yard loss turns into a 30-yard gain. Love that Devin Neal!
  • Illegal formation makes the receiver illegally downfield. That was an easy call.
  • Going on 4th. Incomplete. Arghh.
  • 3rd and 8. Tech calls timeout.
  • Need this stop.
  • Getting a lot of AT&T commercials about watching football on your phone. Shouldn’t they have run these in August?
  • First down Tech
  • Dropped in the endzone. I will take it
  • Tech commits blatant hold at the point of attack and it is not called. Awful
  • What did Berryhill do? He made the Tech players mad and the ESPN+ cameras miss it. How? It happened right where the play ended.
  • Well, this is going poorly. TD 24-7.
  • Kind of falling apart. Personal foul on the PAT.
  • I hate ESPN+. They miss the important parts of half of the plays.
  • The defensive player carries Devin for extra yards but refs only give half of it. Why?
  • 3rd down conversion to Arnold.
  • Neal first down.
  • Touchdown!?!? Bean with a nice run. Flag? Not against us. Yes, it is 24-14.
  • Ryan Leaf calls the pass interference penalty ticky-tacky. Come on man, really! The receiver is more than 5 yards downfield and the defender completely throws him off his route, that is as clear as PI gets.
  • Nice tackle by 19 on the kickoff.
  • A defensive stop would actually get KU in a position to take lead early in the second half.
  • Nice offensive pass interference call.
  • Yes, there is the defensive stop. Let’s go offense.
  • Devin big run.
  • Again a bad spot by the refs.
  • Grimm touchdown!!! There we go. 24-21.
  • Geez, come on. Hold them to a field goal.
  • Cobee with nice pass defense.
  • Lonnie with the stop!!!
  • Kevin Mar strikes again.
  • Bean throws an interception into quadruple coverage. I don’t know what to say except “What was he thinking?”
  • This is the worst crew.
  • Field goal. Tech up, 27-21


Nothing going on at halftime except cleaning the kitchen. Since we were working on Christmas decorations most of the day, it is a mess, and I don’t want to pick it up after the game.

Third Quarter

  • Come on offense.
  • Devin again for first
  • Luckily no interception there. The defender mistimed his jump.
  • Roughing passer. Tom Brady low hit penalty.
  • Devin for a first down.
  • How many false starts are we going to have on first down today?
  • Nice second-down play. Third and short.
  • Devin again for first.
  • Yikes 67 missed the block
  • Grimm is out of bounds. Damn.
  • Neal not really trying for first. Are we just setting up Borcilla? Really?!?!?
  • Hits the upright again!!! Why do we try kicks outside of 30 yards?
  • Lee sack.
  • The bad run defense bailed out by hold on 3 & 13.
  • Another stop. Now we need a touchdown.
  • Nope. Luckily it was not a pick 6 on the third down pass attempt to Grimm.
  • Defense back to being a sieve.
  • Lonnie stay onside!

Fourth Quarter

  • Touchdown Tech.
  • We may come back, but this feels like the score that keeps us at arm’s length.
  • Going for 2. I know the card may say go for it but this is a bad call. They are chasing points unnecessarily with the lead.
  • Play for 2 points stopped. 33-21.
  • Devin Neal for another first down again.
  • Oof! I hope Devin is ok after that hit.
  • Got to cover the receiver.
  • The defense was bailed out by illegal downfield.
  • Cobee stiff-armed and a whiff.
  • Craig Young with a nice tackle.
  • Cobee almost picks it and the defense gets a stop.
  • Really need a touchdown.
  • Devin is back and Devin gets the first down.
  • Grimm secures the pass.
  • Not shocking, the refs make a horrendous holding call.
  • Fairchild can’t reel it in
  • A great scramble by Bean and Skinner gets his feet down. Touchdown.
  • No way can Kevin overrule Skinner’s catch.
  • And he doesn’t, touchdown! 33-28
  • Come on!!!!
  • Wow. Can’t leave the guy wide open down the middle.
  • Just missed a sack.
  • A field goal for Tech makes it 36-28.
  • The Jayhawks are still alive.
  • The bad call going for 2 earlier by Tech could come back to haunt them. They should be up by 9, not 8.
  • Or not, sack, fumble, Game over.
  • And that touchdown is the story of the game. Looked like we had them, but a missed tackle allows a touchdown for Tech. 43-26.
  • I am now watching the game on my phone. My family is now more interested in the ending of the Oregon v UW game.
  • Ky with a nice run. Too late.
  • Wait Vasko is in? Why? Just because?
  • It makes sense to get him some time, even if he plays in all the remaining games he still gets to redshirt the season.
  • Sacked.
  • Vasko scrambles for a bunch.
  • 4th and 4 failure.
  • Victory formation for Tech.

Post Game

I don’t have much to say post-game this week. Tech had control of the game the entire night. I rarely felt like we were going to win. I am just glad we put it to the Cowboys last week so we are not sweating out bowl eligibility in the last few games of the regular season. I move on to watch a bit of the late games and then go to bed. On to next Saturday and a 2:30 FS1 match-up with Texas with a current forecast of mostly sunny and a high of 36. My guess is my friends will bail on the tailgate and I will pregame at Lawrence Beer Company with one on more of my kids. Good food and great beer.