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Big 12 Football Week 11 Picks

Square makes square picks

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Last Week: 2-3

Overall: 29-31-1

Oklahoma (-8) @ West Virginia Sat. 11:00 FS1

What is the argument for West Virginia here? Not to win, just to cover. I am having trouble coming up with that argument. Yes, OU could run into a flurry of injuries and turnovers, but that is nothing to count on. What is more probable is West Virginia continues to play poorly and the Sooners continue their undefeated streak again West Virginia since the Mountaineers joined the conference. Besides an OU victory, I think the only thing you can count on is there will be a lot of offense. I think this is an OU cover. Oklahoma 45-31

Iowa St (-1) @ Oklahoma St. Sat. 2:30 ESPNU

With the Cowboys’ rash of injuries and lackluster performances against KSU and KU, it does not surprise me Iowa State is favored. I am actually surprised they are not favored by a slight bit more. I am just not sure I can bet on Iowa State after a season filled with misses. What do we get from Iowa State? We should be able to count on their defense holding down Oklahoma State’s offense, especially if Sanders is out again this week. What about their offense? I think we should see a similar performance to what they did against West Virginia, not as many points, but in the ballpark. It is tough for me, but I will take Iowa State to cover. Iowa State 27-13

K-State @ Baylor (-2.5) Sat. 6:00 FS1

I know I harp on this, but it continues to be the key question for the Wildcat, what is K-State going to get from Adrian Martinez this week? Is he going to be the world-beater he was against Oklahoma or the fumbling, bumbling player he was at Nebraska and has been at times this season for the Wildcats, including at the end of last week’s game against Texas? I think this is a very even matchup and as a result, I am with the home team. Baylor 27-21

Kansas @ Texas Tech(-3.5) Sat. 6:00 ESPN+

What’s up with this line? With Texas Tech rolling into this game with a backup quarterback and an offensive line struggling to protect the quarterback, why is Texas Tech favored in this game? With their starter in, Tech has had one of the best passing attacks in the conference while KU’s pass defense has been near the bottom. But Tech is prone to throwing interceptions while KU is good a taking the ball away. What about the KU offense, who is playing QB this week for the Jayhawks? I have not seen any indication it will not be Bean again this week. And for the first time in a while, I am fine with that. Bean is coming off the best game of his KU career and he will be playing in his home state, though Lubbock is a haul from the DFW metroplex. I think no matter who plays QB for the Jayhawks, KU will be playing loose and free and will win this game comfortably. Kansas 38-28

TCU @ Texas (-7) Sat. 6:30 ABC

It does not surprise me Texas is favored at home. What surprises me is the size of the spread. Do we trust a Sark-led team? I don’t, especially after they just had a nice performance on the road against K-State. Though it is the next game on their schedule and they are against the first-place team in the conference, I see nothing but letdown coming from Texas. The SP+ has continued to love Texas all season despite several disappointing performances, but, except for Alabama, this is the best team Texas has faced all season. Texas is 6 and TCU is 8 in the SP+ ratings. So yes I understand the Longhorns being favored, but I have no confidence they can cover 7 points. TCU 34-31

Last Week’s Results

Game/Line Prediction Actual W/L/P
Game/Line Prediction Actual W/L/P
Texas Tech @ TCU (-8) TCU 37-27 TCU 34-24 W
Baylor @ Oklahoma (-3.5) OU 31-24 Baylor 38-35 L
Okla. State @ Kansas (-1) KU 38-31 Kansas 37-16 W
West Virginia @ Iowa State(-7) WV 33-27 ISU 31-14 L
Texas (-.2) @ K-State K-State 38-31 Texas 34-27 L