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Stock Up, Stock Down: Post Baylor

Trading was light on the market this week

Markets React To Latest Inflation Report Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

This week's game was for the most part unremarkable and without moving moments. Unlike every other week this season, I struggled to recall much of the game when trying to identify the movers and shakers this week on the KU football market. Different from previous weeks where the moves were significant in one direction or the other, there were few big movers this week. In a week when the market was flat, small movers look more significant.

Stock Down:

Being ready at the opening kickoff

Early in the season, it was something they could overcome. Now that the level of competition is higher, they have not been able to spot leads and still win.

Offensive Turnovers

Skinner had 2 fumbles even though I maintain the second was an incomplete pass. The first of the fumbles helped put the Jayhawks in an early hole and contributed to the degree of difficulty of making comeback.

McCaskill’s helmet

A week after losing his helmet numerous times against OU, his helmet comes off again in the first half against Baylor. Years ago this would have been a humorous note since there was no penalty. In today’s football, it is a problem because he is forced to miss plays. He needs to figure out what is going on and fix the issue.

Stock up:

Jereme Robinson

Despite not scoring the touchdown, Jereme turned in a top 5 play of the year for KU. It was a fantastic effort to strip-sack the QB, then get off the ground, scoop up the ball and run over 50 yards to almost score the touchdown. It was a real bright spot in a game that did not deliver many highlights for the Jayhawks.

Defensive Turnovers

In a game where the defense gets 3 turnovers, you feel like you should have a better chance to win.


Though Baylor may have let up some, the defense held Baylor to 7 points in the second half while the offense scored 20. There was a moment of hope in the fourth quarter until Baylor slammed the door shut.

Bye week

Unlike other stocks in this market, this one is the big mover. KU gets their bye week and they need it. If we are going to see the team from early in the season again they need this week to get healthy. They have close to 10 starters either not playing or limited by injury. A week to mend and prepare for the final month of the regular season and make a push for bowl eligibility, this off week is significant. The only way the bye week could be more significant is if it had been a week earlier.

Stock Neutral:


I do not know if this is a long-term change or if his uniform was left in Lawrence by accident, but Bean looks better in the #9 jersey. #17 is too big a number for the build of his body.