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View form the Couch: Baylor

That 2021 feeling continues

NCAA Football: Kansas at Baylor Chris Jones-USA TODAY Sports


This Saturday there is no Starbucks. The family is sleeping in and I am enjoying the quiet and I catch up on Andor. If you are a Star Wars fan or not, you should check it out if you have access to it. When my wife does come downstairs, we take the dogs for a short walk, and then I make everyone breakfast. Everyone has ordered something different, so it takes a while. I get my breakfast last and it is ready right before the game starts. I am not hopeful for the result.

First Quarter

  • Kansas gets the ball first, not my favorite, but if we can score first maybe it sets a different tone this week.
  • Bean comes out in a new number. Why change to 9? Social media even get a poster picture of it.
  • 3 & out and a shanked punt (14 yards) is not the start KU is looking for.
  • The defense is on stage early with a short field for the Bears.
  • Lonnie is on the field after limited snaps last week.
  • Sack by Caleb Sampson.
  • 3 & 10. Can we hold them to a field goal attempt?
  • Nope, touchdown. 7-0.
  • KU, playing from behind again, let’s get it tied.
  • What? A fumble. A lineman missed the block for Skinner. Baylor does a nice job stripping the ball.
  • 2 plays later Baylor leads 14-0.
  • Well, this could not have started worse.
  • Devin’s runs seem timid. Why? Probably seeing no holes to hit
  • Mason cannot pull it in. Why did Bean throw into triple coverage?
  • Fairchild got that one.
  • Baylor swarming our running backs. Savior got nothing.
  • Hey, a pass interference in our favor. Arnold did a good job making the official see it and call it.
  • Savion with a catch. The offense is moving some now that we are 14 down.
  • Did some talk to Jason this week abound getting the first before giving yourself up? Nice job there to get it and then out of bounds.
  • Well snapping the ball before Bean is ready isn’t helping.
  • Ok, feel free to explain that sequence in the comments. How do you line up to go for it on 4th, take a 5-yard penalty, line up for a field goal, get the 5 yards back by penalty, and not go for it on 4th down?
  • On the bright side, KU made the field goal. 14-3.
  • Ok. The equipment staff needs to work with McCaskill about his helmet. Last week it came off a handful of times, and he has lost it again. Need to be on the field when you are not injured.
  • Good coverage. The receiver is way out of bounds on the catch.
  • Getting no pressure on the QB. First down Baylor.
  • Kenny makes a nice hit to prevent a catch.

Second Quarter

  • A linebacker for Baylor comes in as a running back and gets first down#.
  • New QB for Baylor.
  • New QB scores a touchdown. 21-3
  • Wilson can’t bring in one and catches the next short of sticks.4th down already.
  • Vernon did not shank it. That is an improvement.
  • The tree trimmer we called is not a KU of Baylor football fan. He arrives to do an estimate, so I am sneaking in occasionally to check on the game.
  • My daughter tells me I missed Bean pouch kick.
  • I stick my head in, and Baylor is deciding if they are going for it on 4th & 6.
  • The best thing I can say is that KU did not let Baylor score while I was gone.
  • But they score a touchdown quickly after I get back. 28-3
  • My wife suggests we go see the new Harry Stiles movie.
  • As frustrated as I am the defense has given up a second 99-yard TD drive this season, I decline by saying we will go before the Chiefs game tomorrow.
  • Skinner with his second fumble. Live I thought it was a fumble, but looking at the replay I don’t think he ever had possession, I think the official gets the replay ruling wrong.
  • Baylor quarterback misses wide-open tight end in the end zone.
  • The defense comes up with an interception and a stop. Craig Young would have been hard-pressed to not catch that as the ball dropped into his hands.


  • I just now figured out Melo Dotson did have pick while the tree trimmer was here. Nice, but we are still getting smoked.

Third Quarter

  • Smart and dumb in the same sequence. Dumb for Baylor to substitute so late in the play clock. Smart for KU to slow roll the substitution and force a timeout or delay of game penalty.
  • Some day we will ask to DBs check receivers at the line. All teams are killing us with the loose zone. We don’t have to do it every play, but a wrinkle to throw the opposing offense off a little when needed.
  • Nice stop on 3rd. But once again we allow a first down on 4th.
  • Since the game is going poorly, a question. Why do Baylor coaches have white shirts with blue BU letters? Am I wrong about the color? The BU on Dave Aranda’s shirt looks blue to me.
  • Scoop and score? No!! Robinson needed a rearview mirror to see that guy coming.
  • A very nice play by Robinson to get the sack and then get to the ball.
  • My family all laughs when the announcer calls Jereme “Jerome”.
  • Luckily it is not a fumble by Jason. Even a review cannot screw that up.
  • Baylor linebacker #5 steps on Bean’s ankle like 4 times after Jason goes down and now he is limping.
  • Timeout to regroup for 3rd down. Probably a good call Jason limping around.
  • And it was. Touchdown Devin. A nice hole opened by the line. 28-10.
  • The announcer says that gives KU 40 touchdowns on the season, leading Big 12. Last time KU had 40 touchdowns in a season? 2009.
  • The ball is dropped by Baylor. They are going to punt!!!!
  • I don’t like the “Fansville” Dr. Pepper commercials, but I like that one. Guy believes there may be more to life than a football game.
  • The swing pass near the goal line took a long time to develop.
  • Jason avoids safety and Fairchild makes the catch.
  • Jared Casey pinballs down the field.
  • A thought, keep using the tight ends.
  • Bean with a nice run but he is put down on his shoulder.
  • Skinner with a catch and no fumble. Sometimes it is the little things.
  • Weird play. To me, it feels like Bean stopped midway and then continues the play
  • Bean, throw the ball away. Don’t take the sack by going out of bounds. Come on!

Fourth Quarter

  • Offense looking better this half. Is Baylor letting up?
  • Skinner gets a touchdown. Going for 2. I don’t hate it
  • The announcers never point it out, but KU was trying to go to Earl Bostick but the ball was knocked down.
  • Well we haven’t missed Cobee because Baylor has run at will
  • 2 bad spots in a row give KU the ball.
  • Can the Jayhawks go 90+ again?
  • Great throw into the wind!!

  • Don’t know if I have said this before, but I hate the fade pass. It just does not work a high enough percentage of the time to be worth it. KU is lucky that the fade (I think it was a fade pattern) was not intercepted.
  • Jason avoids the sack and touchdown! 28-23
  • Could KU win?
  • What happened to Bean? He is sitting on the trainer’s table. I cannot believe it is anything big.
  • Marvin Grant continues to make plays today.
  • There is the answer, No. The defense cannot hold. 35-23.
  • The only question is if KU can cover the points.
  • If I was Baylor I decline the penalty and force the 4th down now. What do you gain by giving KU extra chances?
  • Now 4th and 11. The ball is knocked down. Game over. No cover

Post Game

  • Quick game for college. Just over 3 hours I guess this is due to better officiating. Every other play is not being reviewed. No obvious misses on penalties.
  • The view this week feels shorter this week. There were just not that many moments that caught my attention. The game was not all that competitive, and when it got close at the end the hope was crushed quickly by Baylor and the KU defense.
  • As noted above it seems good the bye week has finally arrived. I am looking forward to going to the game. I think there is hope Jalon Daniels will be back. I know he does not play defense, but it takes some pressure off the other side of the ball when the offense is operating better.