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Stock Up, Stock Down: Post OU

Even in a down market, there are winner and losers

Markets Soar Amid Heavy Trading Despite Inflation Numbers Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

In the least competitive FBS game of the year for the Jayhawks, the offense sputtered some under the direction of Jason Bean but still put up 28 points when the Sooners were trying their best and 42 points overall. As a result, there are a number of offensive players on the stock-up side of the ledger this week. On the flip side of the ledger, there are a number of defensive-related appearances in stock down.

The question going forward: Can KU deal well enough with injuries to be competitive and fun to watch going forward? Unlike the TCU loss which was entertaining to the final minute, this game stopped being fun and entertaining very early.

Stock Up:

Mason Fairchild:

The Jayhawks need to find him more often. He is open all the time. On the rare occasion he is covered, he consistently beats the defender for the ball. I know the coaching staff is busy on Sundays, but they need to take a break and watch how big a weapon a tight end can be by watching a Kansas City Chiefs and Travis Kelce. There is no reason to stop throwing to Fairchild until a team proves they can stop him. If a team can that means somewhere else something has opened up for the offense to expoit. Free Mason Fairchild!

Last season: 7 games played,13 receptions for 128 yards, and 1 TD.

This game: 6 rec 106 yards 2 TD.

Keep it up and exploit it more.

Devin Neal:

Despite playing one of the highest-rated defenses in the country Devin was able to rush for 84 yards and 1 touchdown in 12 attempts. 7 yards per rush is very nice.

Ky Thomas:

He has not contributed on the field as much as I am sure he hoped including this week where he had 9 attempts for 18 yards, but he did get his first touchdown as a Jayhawk and I wanted to recognize it.

Lawrence Arnold:

On a day where Quentin Skinner was held to 1 catch for 7 yards, LJ stepped up his game making 5 catches for 113 yards and 2 touchdowns. In 7 games this season has passed his total reception yardage in 10 games last season on 5 fewer receptions and has equaled the number of touchdowns. The pass Jason threw to Arnold for the first touchdown may have been ill-advised, but Arnold did a great job reeling in the ball as it bounced off himself and the defenders.

Stock Down:

Defensive line:

I noted this in my “View from the Couch” post, but Kenny Logan was having to make way too many tackles. This is a symptom of the defensive line, and to some extent linebackers, not getting their job done. Without Phelps this week, there was no pressure on Dillion Gabriel. I hope this was a one-week hiccup. OU has one of the best offenses in the country. Their troubles this season have mainly occurred with their backup QB. If Lonnie can be back next week against Baylor or no worse than after the bye week, I hope this will correct itself.

Defensive Adjustments:

I think this tweet about sums it up

Strength of schedule:

According to the ESPN broadcast of the game, KU has the #1 toughest remaining schedule in FBS. Yikes. I do believe they will win at least one more game, but it will not be easy.

Injuries Again:

They are piling up. Is the depth added to the roster by Lance and the staff enough to get us through until we can get some of these guys back?

Lonnie Phelps, Jr.: Not sure what kept him out, but his absence was felt.

Cobee Bryant: So he did not go straight to the hospital after getting x-rays at the stadium which I guess is good news. But after leaving the field in an air cast and on a cart, it would be very surprising to see him back soon.

Taiwan Berryhill: I know he came back in the game, but when a player leaves the game with his arm hanging like Taiwan’s it is concerning for the long term. Maybe it was just a stinger, but until he is on the field next, it will be worrying.

Jason Bean

The good:

  • 4 TDs
  • 265 yards passing
  • 41 yards rushing.

The bad:

  • His 2 interceptions were killers.
  • His decisions on when to slide.
  • The maddening inconsistency when throwing the ball.

The bad really outweighs the good hence his appearance in stock down. Jason’s performance really brought me back to the first half of the 2021 season. Not a place I really want to be after seeing the late 2021 and early 2022 Jayhawks. I hope to see more consistency in the near future.