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Player Ratings to the Theme of Songs I Just Heard on 90s Alt Radio on Pandora

MTV Unplugged: Nirvana

I like to turn on Pandora when I work out. I don’t have to think, and usually, they make stations that make for a pretty nice workout. Sometimes, their choices are questionable. As a teenager who came of age in the 1990’s, I am of course drawn to the 90s Alt Radio channel. This is an incomplete list of the songs I heard on Tuesday.

5 Stars: I Alone by Live

The song is a low-key banger. One of the most underrated songs on Throwing Copper, which I think is a massively underrated record.

Ochai Agbaji is the obvious choice here. Seven of twelve from three including that game tying basket late in the first overtime. Sure, he missed some free throws, but man, what would this team be without the future All-American? Finished with 37 points. Wow.

4.5 Stars: Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger

“Paranoia! Paranoia! Everyone’s coming to get me!” If that doesn’t get you pumped up while working out, well’re probably not the exact age as me. I love this song and will always turn it up in every situation.

Before I wrote this post, I naturally thought that Jalen Wilson had more points. He finished with only nine, but he seemed to be everywhere grabbing eleven boards. Played 48 minutes.

KJ Adams came in a made an impact. Man, this dude is going to be great in the coming years. That rebound and eventual put back sequence was a season defining moment for KJ. Great stuff from the frosh.

4 Stars: My Own Worst Enemy by Lit

Good old fashioned rock and roll and a great song that I don’t want to hear that often but I always enjoy.

Christian Braun played 49 minutes and still made some crucial free throws in this one. Was overall pretty bad from the floor (4 of 13 and 1 of 6 from deep), but he grabbed seven boards and added six assists.

To use a popular RCT term, it seemed like David McCormack was getting mauled for much of the game. He made six of seven from the line. I was so mad at him on the sequence that Tech scored a four point play, but it looked like maybe he got hacked yet again and that’s why he let the rebound loose.

Remy Martin was good in this game and as many have already said (on this site and on social media), Kansas probably wins going away if healthy Remy is out there with his foot on the gas. He had to be on a minute limit in the game and after consulting the box score, and seeing that he played 22, that guess is probably accurate.

3.5 Stars: Low by Cracker

Name another song by Cracker. You can’t. But this one rules.

Where does one put Dajuan Harris in the ratings? This is an age old question similar to the chicken and the egg and whether or not falling trees make a sound when no one is around. One thing is for sure, Harris is a black hole offensively. We can all agree with that.

3 Stars: Come As You Are by Nirvana

Great song, but I’ve heard it approximately as many times are there are people on Earth.

No one is here.

2 Stars: Mr. Jones by Counting Crows

The emotionally wrought part in the middle of this song is 30 of the most cringeworthy seconds in popular music history.

Should Mitch Lightfoot be treated this poorly? I have no idea. This is one of the hardest ratings posts I’ve ever had to do.

1 Star: Far Behind by Candlebox

I fast forwarded this. Candlebox was Nickleback before Nickleback and also far less successful than Nickleback.

The Chase Buford Memorial No Star:

Jalen Coleman-Lands played four of a possible 50 minutes.