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Player Ratings to the Theme of Crowd Reactions in the Lead Photo

The lead photo, courtesy of the Lawrence Journal-World and KUSports, is a treasure trove of awesome K-State fan reactions after their team blew a 16 point halftime lead to lose to the Kansas Jayhawks at Allen Fieldhouse West. All fans are blurry, so we’ll just have to guess what they were really thinking, but I think I have an educated guess.

5 Stars: This dude

Fairly obvious what this guy is trying to communicate here.

Ochai Agbaji had such a different style of great game than he usually does, but the man came up aces again in the final seconds. Finished with 29 on the day.

4.5 Stars: Hands on the back of the head

Probably a lot of people in The Octagon with this exact same gesture as the final buzzer sounded.

David McCormack wasn’t perfect (see the 17 footer he attempted when KU was close to getting the lead back), but the man is a rebounding machine right now. Grabbed 15 boards (8 offensive!) and scored 11 to go with it.

4 Stars: Giving Up

This person speaks for an entire fanbase without saying a word.

Jalen Wilson made some big shots and finished with 16. He seemed to come alive in the second half and thank goodness for that.

3.5 Stars: Laughing it off

This is one of my favorites. Sometimes you have to laugh.

The rest of the starters land here. Christian Braun scored 11 and dished out five. Dajuan Harris did a better job on Nijel Pack in the second half, allowing for the comeback to commence.

3 Stars: Staring in disbelief

It would be a lot more believable if K-State didn’t do this kind of thing so much. Still, pretty convincing.

No one was a three star.

2 Stars: Been there, done that

These guys knew what was coming.

Remy Martin was not the best decision maker in this one. He’s got better days ahead of him at KU.

1 Star: Too blurry to tell

No one was a one star

Tucker Vang memorial No Star:

The rest of the bench (KJ Adams, Jalen Coleman-Lands, and Mitch Lightfoot) didn’t really get a chance to do much although Mitch had two great consecutive offensive rebounds that he kicked out for open threes only for his teammates to miss them.