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Player Ratings to the Theme of West

Batman Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

KU mauled West Virginia and I was thinking about writing a post to the theme of stools in honor of Bob Huggins and his penchant for bringing his own personal stool to away games, but kind of thought that could get weird pretty quickly. So here we are, rating players to the theme of west because I saw the word West Virginia and Virginia didn’t make any sense for a list.

5 Stars: The American West

The Grand Canyon, the Pacific Coast Highway, Utah’s Big Five National Parks, Colorado in general. What’s not to like about the American West? The cities are great too with Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco being world class destinations and places like Portland, San Diego, and Denver not far behind.

Was today the day that David McCormack and Jalen Wilson turned the corner simultaneously? Maybe, but let’s see how the next few games pan out. McCormack put in his best performance with 19 points and 15 boards (10 on the offensive end!). Big Dave was everywhere in this one.

Meanwhile Wilson scored 23, added five assists, and snagged eight rebounds. He canned three of six from behind the arc and make 10 of 13 overall from the field.

4.5 Stars: Adam West

This guy played a campy Batman to perfection and then lent his voice to his own character on Family Guy. Legend.

Ochai Agbaji had another nice game after a somewhat slow start. Finished with 20 points over the course of the game, including four of eight from deep.

4 Stars: West Elm

This is a solid furniture store if you have the cash to afford it. I realize this isn’t for everyone, but I really like their style and one piece can really enhance your living space without (completely, hopefully) breaking the bank.

No one slots in this spot today.

3.5 Stars: Southwest Airlines

Still one of the better airlines if you can get one of their deals. But these days, that a big if. But man, remember when they first came on the scene? Those deals were gold. And while I’m here, it’s absolutely insane that America doesn’t have a real low cost airline like they have in Europe. If I want to take a flight from Kansas City to Chicago, that should cost $50 at most, never more. There are at least a hundred routes that this is true across the US and yet here we are paying through the nose. Meanwhile I can get a flight from Rome to Madrid for 28 Euros of something. Regulations work, but don’t tell that to lawmakers, because freedom or capitalism or something.

For a guy that didn’t score, Joseph Yesufu played well. With no Remy, and Bobby Pettiford not able to figure it out, Yesufu was a key cog that kept the KU offense rolling. He had four assists.

Eight points, six rebounds, and five assists. Seems pretty solid, but I think we’re expecting more (rightfully so) from Christian Braun. You could argue for a spot lower or higher and I wouldn’t object.

3 Stars: Kanye West

Once considered a great talent, then his mental health obviously deteriorated. That’s sad. What’s not sad, but rather extremely pathetic, is that Kanye was used as a right wing political shill to try to steal black votes from Joe Biden. That didn’t work.

Dajaun Harris. Six points and five assists is a decent day at the office.

Jalen Coleman-Lands scored six points in nine minutes.

2 Stars: West Side Story

People love this and the theme is great, but I just can’t get into musicals. I can understand why this would be in a completely different place on someone else’s list though.

Kansas didn’t need Mitch Lightfoot today because of McCormack and Wilson’s dominance. That’s nice because they didn’t get much.

1 Star: West Ham United

If you are a Tottenham, Chelsea, or Arsenal fan, you know that West Ham are the K-State of London Premier League teams. Their only joy comes in spoiling your season because they aren’t good enough to win anything significant on their own.

Bobby Pettiford had a pretty disastrous game if we’re being honest. Came in, turned it over, got a talking to from Bill Self, promptly turned it over again, was yanked from the game to never return. He’ll learn and come back stronger.

Stephen Vinson Memorial No Star:

Chris Teahan and Michael Jankowski got a minute at the end