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Rock Chalk Podcast: Recapping Iowa State and Previewing West Virginia

Fetch joins me to recap the controversial win over Iowa State, and the Brandon Phoenix of the Raspy Voice Kids returns to preview tomorrow’s matchup.

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It was a controversial win for the Kansas Jayhawks over Iowa State, and Andy is joined by Steve to break it all down. Then, Brandon Phoenix of the Raspy Voice Kids podcast jumps on to preview the West Virginia Mountaineers.

Topics Include:

  • Ref Talk
  • The effect of no Remy Martin
  • Defensive performance
  • Dajuan Harris and Bobby Pettiford
  • Post play
  • #WordleMinute
  • What are West Virginia fans expecting?
  • Digging through the Mountaineer roster.
  • Defensive rebounding
  • Opponent shot distribution
  • Offensive philosophy
  • Game predictions

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