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Player Ratings to the Theme of Current NHL Logos

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Philadelphia Flyers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Depending on where you live, there’s a good chance it is VERY cold out there. And guess what is the best cold weather sport? Hockey. So, let’s rate the players’ performances to current NHL logos, shall we.

5 Stars: Pittsburgh Penguins

Maybe I have a soft spot for cartoon birds, but this logo is pretty close to perfect.

Even though there were some decent individual performances, no one is getting a five star after that one.

4.5 Stars: San Jose Sharks

I have always been partial to the San Jose Sharks logo and uniform in general. Their original logo and uniform were definitely the best of all the teal sets that were introduced across all sports in the early nineties.

Ochai Agbaji and Jalen Wilson scored 44 of KU’s 67 points. A quick check of the math reveals that they accounted for 66% of Kansas’s points. Nice job guys, but there rest of the players did not have good enough nights to let Kansas escape with a shock win.

4 Stars: Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, Detroit Red Wings, Boston Bruins

These traditional teams all have great logos and great uniforms. These logos would NEVER be created today.

No one else was a good as these logos are.

3.5 Stars: Philadelphia Flyers

This is probably one of the most underrated logos in all of sports. Really good, really easy on the eye. Words very well on all apparel and that is a bonus.

Nope, I don’t think we had any 3.5 star performers in this one either.

3 Stars: Arizona Coyotes

This is one that probably divides the population. The Coyotes have gone back to the Kachina logo that they first used when they moved from Winnipeg after recent years of having a more understated Coyote crest. This one is better, but their uniforms still suck.

Christian Brown got nasty at the end of the game, but it wasn’t enough. Offensively, he was a passenger in this one for most of the game and KU needs him to be assertive. Finished with 10 points and six boards.

I understand that Dajuan Harris was playing because Remy Martin is banged up, but it’s tough playing four against five on every trip down to the offensive end of the court.

Zach Clemence was asked to stand in the middle of the zone defense and did fine while KJ Adams injected some energy.

I would’ve fed the ball to Jalen Coleman-Lands more often in the second half. Basically, let him chuck them up because a lot of them are going in.

2 Stars: Anaheim Ducks

This is one of the most generic and boring logos in all of sports, not just the NHL. Sure, it used to be a corny Disney tie-in with the Mighty Ducks, but at least that logo had some character. You could still be the Ducks and use that logo, no one is going to complain.

As mentioned before, Remy Martin isn’t himself.

The Mitch Lightfoot start went poorly this time. David McCormack off the bench wasn’t much better and it’s pretty telling that Bill Self didn’t want either of these guys in there for extended times when KU was playing zone.

1 Star: Chicago Blackhawks

It’s time to retire this logo. The name could stay and a bird could take its place. Seems simple.

It was close, but no one received a one star.

Nick Proud Memorial No Star:

Joseph Yesufu