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Notebook: The Undefeated Kansas Jayhawks Look Ahead to Coastal Carolina

She fell in with that Guinness Book of Records crowd. Suddenly she didn’t have any time for me. Oh, I wore a fifteen pound beard of bees for that woman, but it just wasn’t enough

Places to Visit - Northern Mallorca Photo by Laszlo Szirtesi/Getty Images

Conference realignment: Report indicates Big 12 could send out applications 'within the next 48 hours'
The Big 12 tipped its hand as to which schools it was considering for expansion candidates, revealing that BYU, Cincinnati, Houston, and UCF were at the top of the list. After earlier reports suggested the Big 12 could start extending invitations to new members by the end of the month, it appears that the timeline could be accelerated.

Lance Leipold evaluates Jason Bean's performance in season opener
It was Tuesday morning, as Lance Leipold recalled, when he informed the quarterbacks of who would be the starter for Game 1. Things had been “trending that way,” Leipold said, with regard to Jason Bean taking over the position, as he'd taken more and more first-team reps.

3-star Kansas commit Anthony Davis hopes to impress as two-way player
This year's high school season is underway for the three-star 2022 Kansas defensive back commitment. This season, he said in a phone call with, could provide a new look at some of his talents.

Big 12 football: Week 1 power rankings
College football is in full swing, as Week 1 came and went, and teams all across the country kicked off their seasons. Every conference in the sport had a few teams stand out this past weekend as strong programs that could make some noise this year, as well as a few teams that struggled and it looks like it could be a long season in their respective conference. The Big 12 is no different.

Telosa: Marc Lore and Bjarke Ingels unveil plans for 5-million-person city in the American desert - CNN Style
The former Walmart executive last week unveiled plans for Telosa, a sustainable metropolis that he hopes to create, from scratch, in the American desert. The ambitious 150,000-acre proposal promises eco-friendly architecture, sustainable energy production and a purportedly drought-resistant water system. A so-called "15-minute city design" will allow residents to access their workplaces, schools and amenities within a quarter-hour commute of their homes.

Afghanistan: Curtains separate male and female students as new term begins under Taliban rule - CNN
The last time the Taliban were in power, from 1996 to 2001, women and girls were banned from education and work. After the militants were removed in 2001, women were free to go to university and jobs.

Michael K. Williams Appreciation: A Singular Presence on Screen - Variety
Michael K. Williams commanded attention in the purest sense of the term. He didn’t ask for it, nor did he demand it. He simply had it, with a quiet determination and undeniable magnetism that inevitably made him an irresistible center of gravity. When he spoke, whether as himself or one of his indelible characters, people listened. That he won’t be able to do so again makes for a loss as sharp as it is surreal.

New growth policy finalized in Montana's fastest-growing county | KECI
The official public comment period is closed, but people can still submit questions and comments to the county’s project manager, Garrett McAllister, at

Rolling with COVID punches, Dave Matthews Band caps unforgettable Gorge run on high note | The Seattle Times
As fans were arriving at the destination venue on Friday for the band’s annual Labor Day weekend run at the Gorge, a vague tweet announced that Dave Matthews Band would play in an “alternate format,” citing a coronavirus exposure within its camp. The wording caused a temporary cardiac episode on social media, as fans making the trek (and springing for travel expenses) to see the return of “Labor Dave weekend” wondered what exactly that meant.