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K-Uniform Report: 2021 Football

The Jayhawks looked sharp on Friday (in their uniforms), more please

NCAA Football: South Dakota at Kansas Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Well, Kansas football didn’t look too sharp on offense on Friday, and they were playing a school from a lesser division so the verdict on the defense is yet to be determined, but there is no doubt that KU looked great aesthetically.

Kansas went as traditional as it gets on Friday night and personally, I’d be pretty happy if they wore that uniform set for every home game, but this is college football, and we know that isn’t gonna happen. Well, maybe it could. Lance Leipold appears to be an old school, conservative football kind of guy, so maybe KU will look like KU at Memorial Stadium (not calling it The Booth) this season.

The blue helmet with the giant Jayhawk on BOTH sides is just what that uniform set needed. Add in the white facemask, and the look is clean. Of course, the blue shirt and white pants (would prefer stripes on the pants) complete the classic look. My only other small complaint is the continued use of the silver numbers. Replace those with white outlined in crimson and this set would be pretty close to perfect. I’m just nitpicking here, and am happy with the look we saw on Friday. More please.

With that, here’s what I’d like to see for the rest of the season.

at Coastal Carolina

KU’s first road game under Coach Leipold could tell you a lot about what he thinks KU should look like. I know people will be calling out for the all-white look, and I can get behind that, but I’m staying traditional for the first road game: Blue helmet/white shirt/blue pants.


Well, the feelings toward Baylor from the members of this site are pretty well known, so I’ll just say this: I want to beat them, but if we can’t, let’s at least look good doing it. I want a repeat of the week one uniform set. Blue helmet/blue shirt/white pants.

at Duke

This is the one game where I advocate for Kansas to wear red. So you know they won’t. Duke will be wearing a lot of royal blue and they are the only team on this year’s schedule that does. Perfect time to break out the red pants (if they’re even still in the lineup). Blue helmet/white shirt/red pants.

at Iowa State

I think this is the game that KU should go mono-white. ISU will likely try a full maroon strip (or something close) so an all white set will look sharp.

Texas Tech

This is homecoming and Kansas will be wearing those sweet light blue jerseys with the blue pants and helmet featuring a bow tie K. These are so sharp.


OU will wear red/white/white so what better time for KU to break out the all blues? The straight Blue Man Group look is a traditional Kansas uniform and this is the perfect time to do it.

at Oklahoma State

Does Kansas try another look on the road or do they repeat another look? For the sake of argument, I’m going to request that they wear the blue lids with white everything else. It’s the second or third best road look, and with OSU always trying to look weird, maybe something traditional is the right call.


Blue. Wear blue. All blue? Fine. Blue/Blue/White? Great. Blue/Blue/Grey? Cool. Just wear mostly blue. BLUE.

at Texas

Since this will be a win against a lowly opponent who thinks more of themselves than most rational people could ever imagine, might as well look as good as you can when that last second winning field goal flies through the uprights. Blue/White/Blue.

at TCU

After that exhilarating win against future SEC “power” Texas, I really don’t care what Kansas wears at TCU. I think all white would look nice for this one.

West Virginia

End the season like you started it (from a uniform perspective). Blue/White/Blue. Oh, and win? That would be neat.

Disagree with any of these ideas? Good. Let us know in comments.