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The View From Section 5

A Twitter-like recounting of Kansas Football's win over South Dakota on Friday.

Syndication: The Topeka Capital-Journal Evert Nelson/The Capital-Journal via Imagn Content Services, LLC


There are a lot more people here than I thought there would be. That’s encouraging.

The crowd went absolutely wild when Bean was announced as the starter.

That hype video is ridiculously good.


Jayhawks get the opening kickoff. Let’s do it!

That was a great 1st down play, but the offensive line for blown up on 2nd down.

And not a great pass on 3rd. Time for the defense to get it back...

Defense is already giving up too many big plays to waste great early down stops.

Fumble that Kansas can’t jump on, but at least it stops the drive.

Nevermind, SD is going for it...HUGE STOP ON 4TH!!!

We are basically just lining up for runs, and the OL isn’t getting a push.

And now two false starts in a row.... Where have I seen this before?

3 penalties on this drive, including an illegal shift on the punt. What was that about I heard about discipline and consistency?

Defense did its job that time. 3 and out after 3 runs right into the teeth of the defense.

Sam Burt hurt on the play. Looks like a serious hand/wrist injury

Literally no passing game right now. Need to get the WRs involved.

Looked like we had a good stop before a penalty. But a huge sack on 2nd might get them out of it.

Huge defensive stand, but they are in FG range.


Finally completed a pass, but well short of the sticks and we punt again.

Defense is putting in work, but the offense can’t seem to do anything.

Only took into the 2nd quarter to get a first down. Bean is picking up lots of yards on the ground, but he’s taking some big hits too.

Kansas defense is slipping a bit. Hasnt bit them yet, but it seems like only a matter of time.

Back-to-back penalties by SD helps out a lot. Punting after Burroughs breaks up a pass over the middle.

There’s a little bit of energy, but not much among the fans. Biggest cheers have been for the Salute to Service presentation.

Another completion gets us a first down. Funny how that works!

Up the gut again after another false start. At least they weren’t kidding about the Consistency message.

And the boos have started after another punt. But I think some are directed at the officials who called it a touchback. But they fixed it.

“False start, everybody but the center”

Huge stop by the defense!

Back to back big plays and it’s first and goal. FINALLY!

Wish they would go for the end zone instead of running the clock on 2nd

HUGE pass from Bean for the TD!

Not sure why that needed a replay, but oh well...

Been a while since I’ve seen a good marching band halftime show. Nice job by the Marching Jayhawks.

Man, the pizza here is huge!

Ready for what is hopefully an exciting second half.

Defense looks angry to start the second half. Wonder what Coach said in the locker room.

Mason Fairchild is ballin out. What a catch!

And Bean guy the play off fast enough to prevent a review. I’ll take the dinky run.

Starting to move the ball well now that they are passing. Imagine that.

Too many straight running plays and the drive breaks down in the red zone.

That 3rd down pass was so close, but barely on the sideline. Field goal is good to put KU up by two scores.

And SD marched straight down the field to get back within 3. What happened to that fire?

Huge runback on the kickoff from Kenny Logan! But Leipold called timeout and started screaming at the ref.

Going for it on 4th. I like it.

Didn’t like that broken play incomplete pass though.

A whole lot of nothing, but it seems like KU is getting lucky that the SD QB keeps missing his targets deep.

Couldn’t afford that face mask penalty....

At least they held them to a field goal try.


Oh wait they went for it, AND WE STOPPED THEM!

What an atrocious spot on that 4th down. Refs making a crucial bad call in the opening game two years in a row.

And of course it leads to a quick score.

Quick pass over the middle for a first down, but then they burned their last timeout to avoid a delay of game penalty

45 was WIDE open down the middle and he didn’t even see him.

Huge reception by Fairchild on 4th and 10.

Not actually a late hit, but definitely targeting

Why are we running?

What a fantastic pass to Arnold, with a huge reach for the goal line! KU up 17-14 with 1:12!

Huge pass breakups to seal the win.


Students are rushing the field. Not sure that’s necessary, but I definitely remember how much fun that was.