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Notebook: The Latest on the Future of the Big 12

“Have you ever wondered why fat parents have fat children? Or why Chinese parents have Chinese children? It’s no coincidence. It’s because of D.N.A.”

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The Rock Chalkboard

Paul Finebaum: Big 12 basketball 'does not matter' amid talk of realignment
"Someone texted me today saying 'are you forgetting Baylor and Kansas in basketball?' Well, no, I'm not,” Finebaum said. “But you know what — and I don't mean to disparage basketball — basketball does not matter in this conversation."

The latest on where things stand with Texas, Oklahoma and the SEC
With the future of the Big 12 suddenly hanging in the balance as Texas and Oklahoma explore the option of moving to the Southeastern Conference, Big 12 athletic directors and CEOs were invited by the league to take part in a call Thursday afternoon to discuss matters. Texas and Oklahoma officials weren't on the call, a league source told Horns247, only adding to speculation.

How Lance Leipold addressed four key questions on Kansas football
Going into Big 12 Media Days, outlined four key questions for new Kansas coach Lance Leipold to answer. Here is a look at how he addressed each of the key areas surrounding Kansas football last week...

Versatile Michael Ford could fill different roles on Kansas O-line
Many Kansas fans are familiar with incoming Buffalo O-line transfer Mike Novitsky, one of the top-ranked transfer players of the entire offseason, per 247Sports. But another former Buffalo O-lineman — Michael Ford — also may have a role to play in the unit this season.

Analysis: What if the Big 12 is facing life without Texas and Oklahoma
With Wednesday’s media reports that Texas and Oklahoma are seeking to join the SEC, the future of the Big 12 Conference seems, once again, to be in peril. If you’re a fan or follower of the Big 12 who is not tied to Oklahoma or Texas, the first thing you need to do is take a deep breath.

KU basketball's Dajuan Harris picked for summer overseas hoops event
Dajuan Harris will have a unique basketball opportunity this summer leading into the 2021-22 season. The KU basketball point guard will be taking an overseas trip with USA East Coast to represent the United States in Spain this August.

Bits o Chalk

Tom Brady, champion Bucs get glitzy Super Bowl LV rings honoring historic hometown win
TAMPA, Fla. -- The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are sporting brand-new Super Bowl LV rings to pay tribute to the NFL's first league championship won in a team's own stadium in front of hometown fans.

Big 12 officials meet to discuss possible departures of Oklahoma and Texas to SEC
While Big 12 officials search for answers from Oklahoma and Texas about their possible departures to the SEC, the league made it clear on Thursday it expects its flagship programs to adhere to the conference bylaws and TV contracts that have been signed.

New York Jets assistant coach Greg Knapp dies from injuries suffered when hit by car while biking
New York Jets assistant Greg Knapp, a well-traveled NFL coach who worked with Pro Football Hall of Famer Steve Young and soon-to-be-inducted Peyton Manning over his 25-year career, died Thursday from injuries suffered when he was struck by a car while biking last Saturday in San Ramon, California. He was 58.

Tokyo Olympics open with muted ceremony in near-empty stadium
TOKYO -- Belated and beleaguered, the virus-delayed Tokyo Summer Olympics finally opened Friday night with a dazzling display of fireworks and soaring, made-for-TV choreography that unfolded in a near-empty stadium, a strangely subdued ceremony that set a striking tone to match a unique pandemic Games.

Eraser Dust

New Analysis Reveals More About Tollund Man's Last Meal
The new findings, published in Antiquity, suggest Tollund Man ate his final meal some 12 to 24 hours before his death and that it consisted of porridge and fish—both common dishes during the Danish Early Iron Age. It was a nutritious, likely tasty meal, but Tollund Man was not in the best of health, as he was infected with several parasites. The new research was led by archaeologist Nina Nielsen from the Silkeborg Museum in Denmark.

5 Star Porn HD Buys Vidme, Puts Porn on Washington Post, HuffPost
It’s not 100% clear what caused the videos to become embedded in the sites. One theory is that all embedded Vidme videos displayed the homepage of 5 Star HD, rather than the original videos. This, in turn, resulted in totally not-porn websites suddenly displaying people having sex. It could also just be a marketing stunt, as 5 Star Porn HD doesn’t appear to be particularly popular, based on low video views on its homepage.

Californians are arriving in Montana in droves. But they're not welcome.
Many native Montana residents aren’t happy with the amount of out-of-state residents coming in and snapping up homes, and they’re not shy about saying so. Vermel says a friend was harassed at a gas station when she was filling up her car with California plates; Vermel's dad, who lives in town, has had to defend her right to move back to the state.

Mississippi asks Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade - POLITICO
The State of Mississippi filed a brief with the Supreme Court on Thursday defending the state’s ban on abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy and asking the court to overturn Roe v. Wade when it hears arguments on the case in the fall, raising the stakes of what was already set to be the term’s biggest reproductive rights case.

Former Adviser On Biden's Pandemic Response Team Discusses The Rise In COVID-19 Cases : NPR
We had hoped we wouldn't have to say this, but the last month has made the trend clear. In the U.S., COVID-19 cases are rising again, driven by the highly transmissible delta variant. But these cases aren't rising equally across the country. We learned from a White House briefing today that just three states account for 40% of cases nationwide. That's Florida, Texas and Missouri. And they are all behind the national average in vaccination rates.

Trumpworld is already weighing veeps for 2024. Hint: It ain’t Pence.POLITICOSearchSearchClose
“The vice president is an incredible man and was a great vice president, but he has a huge obstacle — problem — in trying to be the nominee after dealing with what he’s dealt with over the last six months,” said another Trump adviser, pointing to his recent reception at conservative events. Asked specifically if there was a chance Pence could serve as Trump’s number two again, the adviser replied: “zero.”