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Notebook: Coach Who Lost Elite Eight Game to Kansas who had a Football Player on the Roster to Retire

The bee bit my bottom! Now my bottom’s big!

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The Rock Chalkboard

Memorable matchups between Bill Self and Mike Krzyzewski
Nevertheless, Self has faced Krzyzewski five times while at Kansas, and the Jayhawks hold a 3-2 record against the Blue Devils. The most recent contest went to Duke, which won a 68-66 nail-biter at the Champions Classic in 2019. The first contest also went to Duke in 2011-12.

Why Deldrick Withers stayed solid to Kansas through coaching change
Deldrick "DJ" Withers is just a couple of days from arriving on campus. The three-star defensive lineman in the 2021 class will be making the trip up to Lawrence from Little Rock, Ark., where he'll join the Jayhawks for the summer workout slate.

BREAKING: Jon Scheyer named Duke Basketball's 20th head coach
Duke Basketball has a new head coach for the first time since 1979. 34-year old Jon Scheyer was picked by a committee to take over as Hall of Fame coach Mike Krzyzewski's coach-in-waiting, and will be officially named head coach after the 2021-22 season. Sources confirm the Board of Trustees agreed to name Scheyer the next head coach of the Duke Basketball program in a meeting this afternoon.

Bits o Chalk

England boss Gareth Southgate slams supporters who booed players taking a knee
Players have been taking a knee before kickoff in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, but Southgate said some fans view it as a "political stand" they do not agree with.

Trae Young takes bow as Atlanta Hawks finish off New York Knicks - 'I know what they do when the show is over'
"I know where we are. I know it's a bunch of shows around this city," Young said of the bow after the Hawks' 103-89 victory. "And I know what they do when the show is over."

Virginia Tech Hokies freshman Isi Etute charged with murder
Virginia Tech freshman linebacker Isi Etute has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder and is being held without bond, according to the Blacksburg (Va.) Police Department.

Nearly 10,000 volunteers drop out of Tokyo Olympics with just 50 days until Games start
"We have not confirmed the individual reasons," organizers said in a statement. "In addition to concerns about the coronavirus infection, some dropped out because they found it would be difficult to actually work after checking their work shift, or due to changes in their own environment."

Luka Doncic lifts Dallas Mavericks to 3-2 lead, says he 'could have played way better'
"I could have played way better," Doncic said after his 42-point, eight-rebound, 14-assist performance staked the Mavericks to a 3-2 series advantage. "I missed a lot of shots, some layups that I should make. But it wasn't just me, man. It was the whole team, the energy."

Eraser Dust

Netanyahu foes push for quick vote to end his 12-year rule
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s opponents on Thursday pushed for a quick parliament vote to formally end his lengthy rule, hoping to head off any last-minute attempts by the premier to derail their newly announced coalition government.

Whitefish Mountain Resort Scales Back Operations Due to Staffing Shortages - Flathead Beacon
With the initial opening out of the way, however, the resort announced it is scaling back its offerings for the summer season, attributing the reduced operations to a labor shortage confronting the service and hospitality industries throughout the Flathead Valley — a combination that includes limited J1 visas, a shrinking seasonal workforce, the recent construction boom and a lack of childcare.

How Arizona's Ballot Audit Is A Disinformation Exercise : NPR
"It's an audit in name only," says Masterson, a former Department of Homeland Security official who helped lead the federal government's election security preparations leading up to November's election. "It's a threat to the overall confidence of democracy, all in pursuit of continuing a narrative that we know to be a lie."

Offering free childcare and beer, Biden makes renewed push for July 4 vaccination goal
Younger people, who are generally less vulnerable to the coronavirus but can still transmit it to others, have been less eager to get vaccinated than older Americans. In an effort to promote vaccination, beer-making giant Anheuser-Busch declared on Wednesday morning that it would buy free beer for Americans of legal drinking age if Biden’s goal for Independence Day were met.

Biden’s proposed 39.6% top tax rate would apply at these income levels
That top rate would apply to single individuals with taxable income of more than $452,700 and married couples filing a joint tax return with income over $509,300, according to a budget proposal issued Friday by the Treasury Department.