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Football Summer Countdown: Introduction

It’s 75 days until KU football opens up the 2021 season.

Kansas v Texas Tech Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

After taking a bit of a break, I’m back... I think... to count down to the football season opener. The last two years we counted down 100 days, but we’re starting at 75 days this year because, well, that’s kinda just how it happened. Today is the first official day of summer, so I thought it would make a good starting point this time. Of course, that also means that it’s going to be 77 degrees tomorrow in Lawrence.

Because of course it is.

Anyway, once again you may be asking yourself, why would we do this? Are there really that many things to write about KU football? Even if there are, why would you bother reading them? Does KU football even deserve that kind of coverage? Is a trick and we’ll just have a bunch of basketball articles previewing Late Night?

While we’ll keep up with basketball (and other sports) as news breaks, we’ll still attempt to put out at least one post a day about football. We will miss a day here or there, but as always, if you have some ideas, let me know in the comments.

As in the past, you’ll (hopefully) hear from a variety of contributors at RCT. Mostly, we simply hope to entertain you, and maybe even inform you a little bit. We also hope to make you laugh, make you cry, and... well, hopefully most of the crying is over, although this definitely looks to be a tough year for the Jayhawks on the gridiron - assuming the season plays out as scheduled.

We’ll have the usual position breakdowns, schedule analysis, recruiting updates, and things like that. But we’ll also see what else we can come up with.

And when September 3 gets here 75 days from now, (hopefully) we’ll all sit down in front of our TVs, turn on the game, drink a beer together, and enjoy the 52-10 beatdown of South Dakota, because gosh darn it, after the last decade, we kinda deserve something nice.