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Travis Goff Press Conference Notes

A quick review of what went on at the new AD’s introductory press conference.

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Kansas Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

KUAthletics live-streamed the introductory press conference for newly-appointed athletic director Travis Goff on Wednesday morning. I thought I’d share the notes that I took; You can also watch the press conference on YouTube here if you are interested:

Goff’s prepared address was pretty standard. He asked K-Club members and former letterwinners to unite with their vision for KU Athletics. He tells fans, donors, supporters, and season ticket holders that “we have work to do.” He also noted that he has a “commitment to enhancing the student athlete experience.”

Most notable for me, however, Goff called KU “my destination job.”

During the Q&A portion, he fielded a variety of questions from his time as an undergrad in KU’s Journalism School to his plans for the football program.

In regards to athletics in general, Goff noted that “facilities matter.” He talked about the need to be a good steward and have a plan for funding to completion and funding for operations afterwards. His goal is “to build the athletic department for sustained success.” Goff says he realizes that philanthropic support is what KU’s future success depends on. The goal is to maximize revenue streams in terms of ticket sales, concessions, etc., but recognizes the need for donations.

Regarding the football coach, Goff says did as much work as possible before coming in on Tuesday. He immediately recognized the need to have a plan. He says “we do have a plan,” but wants to get more information and more engagement from those in and around the program before moving forward.

Goff recognizes that building a football program is difficult in general, let alone in the Big 12 and especially without any continuity in the coaching staff. He wants to build the football program “the right way” and is confident they can accomplish that goal.

Goff noted that he observed KU football practice on Tuesday. He says he was impressed with Coach Jones’ energy. He has already met 1-on-1 with Coach Jones, as well as collectively with the rest of the staff. He stated he has not yet developed a preference on whether or not to remove the interim tag or pursue a new head coach from outside the program.

As for basketball, Goff says he feels like he has already established a “great rapport” with Bill Self, and says Self is “exactly who we need at the helm” for KU basketball. Goff was excited to hear about Self’s new contract.