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2021 NCAA Tournament First Round: Saturday Late Session Open Thread

Into the night we go.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Norfolk St v Missouri Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images

Grand Canyon faces off against the Hawkeys Cyclones other team from Iowa that plays in that bloated, overrated conference to get the evening session rolling. 20,000 RCT points to whoever can tell me Grand Canyon’s mascot without looking it up.

Most of these games look to be pretty interesting, although I expect both Gonzaga and Texas to roll pretty easily in their matchups. That said, oh, what I wouldn’t give for Missouri to lose to Norfolk State in the second round on Monday...

All times CENTRAL:

5:25 - (15) Grand Canyon vs (2) Iowa, TBS

6:10 - (10) Maryland vs (7) UConn, CBS

6:15 - (13) Ohio vs (4) Virginia, truTV

6:25 - (9) Missouri vs (8) Oklahoma, TNT

8:20 - (16) Norfolk State vs (1) Gonzaga, TBS

8:40 - (11) UCLA vs (6) BYU, CBS

8:50 - (14) Abilene Christian vs (3) Texas, truTV

8:57 - (10) VCU vs (7) Oregon, TNT