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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Texas Tech

The crew gets together to tell you what is going to happen today.

Stephen F. Austin v Texas Tech Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

There are only three games left this season for the Kansas Jayhawks, and this one at home against the Texas Tech Red Raiders is probably the most winnable of them all. Can they pull it off? Our crew gets together to tell you what to expect.

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Kyle_Davis21: Texas Tech hasn’t played a game since Feb. 9 when it lost to West Virginia, and with the other circumstances facing the state of Texas right now, I’m sure basketball has not been top of mind. Still, Tech’s defense is stout and Kansas will have to both shoot better than it did Wednesday and not turn it over 16 times like in the first meeting. I’ll say KU is still sloppy with the ball but hits just enough shots to win a tight game. Kansas 65, Texas Tech 63

Mike.Plank: A lot of folks are expecting another brick-fest like we had in Manhattan the other night, which is exactly why I think one of these teams is going to light it up from 3. Let’s just hope it’s the Jayhawks. Kansas 77, Texas Tech 65.

David: If this were the type of Tech defense we’ve seen the last couple of years, I’d pick the Red Raiders in a heartbeat. Since, Tech’s defensive numbers in conference play have really slipped, that makes KU’s chances more intriguing, despite their recent offensive struggles. Tech is coming off a long layoff, but TCU was coming off a longer layoff a few weeks ago when they kept things tight in Lawrence, and I think that type of “factor” can be overrated sometimes. In the end, I still think KU comes up just short because a lot of shots just won’t fall. Texas Tech 65, Kansas 59

dnoll5: So you’re saying KU isn’t playing a team that stinks? Been a while. Anyway, I can’t see a team that shoots 3% from the floor (this is an estimate, I’m not going to look it up) beating a decent team. Where are the points going to come from? Tech 69, Kansas 59.

Fizzle406: I think Kansas comes up short here Texas tech 77, Kansas 70

Andy Mitts: I’m finding it hard to imagine that Kansas doesn’t get off to a slow start, but I’m pretty sure Texas Tech isn’t going to be racing out of the gate either. This is going to be an ugly, defensive game, but I still don’t trust Kansas to actually beat a good team. Texas Tech 57, Kansas 54.