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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Kansas State Wildcats

The crew gets together to tell you what is going to happen tonight.

Kansas State v Kentucky Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It's the first iteration of the Sunflower Showdown this year, as the Kansas State Wildcats travel to Lawrence tonight to take on the Kansas Jayhawks. Kansas is coming off a horrible loss to Tennessee on Saturday, and they really need a big bounce back game, both for the fans and for their own sakes. Can they get it done? The crew gets together to tell you just how successful they will be today.

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dnoll5: Hey, it’s a game that just two weeks ago I thought would be a blowout, and now look! Neat. Anyway, I think KU is just better than K-State despite not really showing that at all recently, so I’ll predict a Crimson and Blue win. Let’s trounce them! KU 66, K-State 54.

David: Self seems to be approaching February as a new month, and an opportunity to put that hideous January behind them. The recent struggles have been due to some combination of bad defensive shooting luck, and a lack of the usual talent we see at KU. It’s hard to say the exact split of how much each of those factors were responsible. Regardless, K-State is still far less talented. Unless KSU just has an unreal night from beyond the arc, there’s no excuse for this being a close game. If it is, February may not be much of an improvement. However, I think KU will come out looking for a fresh start and win this going away. Kansas 78, KSU 60

Brendan: There’s been so much talk lately about how this is the worst Self-era team at KU, how little talent there is, etc. But then, you look across the aisle in this matchup and see a team that has one player who could suit up at KU. This should be the ultimate get-right game for the Jayhawks. Ideally, Self’s little speech about playing with some positivity during his Monday press conference sinks in and the offense learns how to do something, anything right. Kansas should cruise. Kansas 74, K-State 56

Kyle_Davis21: This game has been needed for a while now, as K-State provides the opportunity to both get confidence back on offense and improve on defense. Even if KSU shoots an unrealistic percentage from 3, the Wildcats don’t have the type of elite defense to hold Kansas close like Tennessee does. The line is 18, which is still a big number for this Kansas team. So I don’t know if it covers, but I also don’t think Self pulls up off the gas as he might during a normal blowout when the team is rolling. Kansas 77, K-State 60

Fizzle406: Kind of a weird year where we have played multiple teams twice but this is our first meeting with K-state. I think KU comes out swinging (chairs) and does enough to keep them at bay. Just watch out for those last minute steals and this one should be comfortable. Kansas 76, K-State 61

Mike.Plank: If the Jayhawks don’t win this one going away, I promise you, this will be my last rosy prediction for the rest of the year. There is no logical reason for K-State to keep this one close - per game stats, advanced stats, recruiting, the eye test, nothing. Per KenPom, K-State is the worst Big 12 team by far - at #184, they’re 52(!!!) spots behind Iowa State, ranked below teams like Detroit, Mercer, and Ball State. Averaging just 56.3 points over their last six games, the Mildcats have only scored over 70 points twice so far in Big 12 play (and still lost one of those games). This is your chance, guys. Destroy. Them. Kansas 90, K-State 55.

Andy Mitts: I have no reason to feel optimistic about this team, but there is also no reason to feel optimistic about K-State’s chances to put up a fight in this game. The offense is a real problem and tonight should be a really good opportunity to get back on track. Despite the fact that TCU was supposed to be a “get right” game and wasn’t, I can’t help but think the Jayhawks get it done tonight. Kansas 74, Kansas State 59