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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Iowa State

The crew gets together to tell you what is going to happen today.

Ohio State v Iowa State Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

It's the second of two back-to-back games for the Kansas Jayhawks against the Iowa State Cyclones. Is there any reason to think that Kansas might be in trouble in this game? Our crew gets together to tell you what to expect.

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David: I feel like we used up some good shooting luck on both ends of the court in Thursday’s game. I can’t imagine back to back 30+ point blowouts from this offense, so I feel like we’ll see the team come back down to earth a bit. But not enough to make this a really tight game. Kansas Jayhawks 77, Iowa State Hawkeyes 68

Kyle_Davis21: Iowa State’s last five days have featured traveling to Fort Worth to play TCU on Tuesday, traveling to Lawrence to play KU on Thursday, and then returning home to play the Jayhawks again today. Meanwhile, KU not only had an extra day of rest before Thursday, but it had much less travel. And it could rest its starters at the end of Thursday’s game. I don’t think we’ll see a second 30-point blowout, but I do think we win fairly comfortably. Kansas 78, Iowa State 66.

dnoll5: Looks like these Iowa State games are coming right at the right time. Let’s beat them and K-State here quickly and then pull a Baylor and not play the last three games of the season. Kansas 85, Hawkeyes 65.

Fizzle406: I think KU wins this one and goes on a little run where we get our hopes up for a couple weeks. Jayhawk 77, Hawkeyes 61

Brendan: Iowa State fights hard, as you guys have alluded to, but it’s frankly not a well coached or especially talented team. McCormack should be able to make a big impact, and I am going to remain optimistic that the Jayhawks can develop a little bit more of a consistent offensive rhythm against an inferior team. Kansas 78, Iowa State 63

Mike.Plank: We literally just beat them by 33 points. This one better not be close either. I would still like to impeach Jeff Long though. Kansas 85, Iowa State 68.

Andy Mitts: This one is fairly simple: The Kansas Jayhawks, despite their flaws, are a good team, while the Iowa State Hawkeyes are not. Kansas 82, Iowa State 65