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Notebook: Kansas Hopes to Have Bryce Thompson Back for Hawkeye Game

Hey Homer, I’m worried about the beer supply. After this case, and the other case, there’s only one case left!

Bethpage, Long Island water tower Photo by Steve Pfost/Newsday RM via Getty Images

The Rock Chalkboard

Kansas jumps back into rankings after Oklahoma State win
And while the Associated Press and Coaches polls won’t be released until next Monday, Kansas has already done the work of rising in some other, more regularly updated rankings. Kansas hopped back into CBS Sports’ Top 25 and 1 in the wake of the Jayhawks’ 78-66 win over a ranked Oklahoma State team (albeit at No. 26), while Kansas moved back into the top 25 of statistics website KenPom’s rankings, at No. 25.

KU basketball's road contest at K-State moved back one day
The Jayhawks, currently sitting at 13-7 on the year and 7-5 in league play, were set to face K-State in Manhattan on Tues., Feb. 16. That game will now take place on Wed., Feb. 17, at 7 p.m. CT. The Jayhawks had previous Big 12 games against TCU, Iowa State and Texas also adjusted due to various reasons.

Bill Self 'hopeful' Bryce Thompson can return Thursday vs. ISU
“I don’t know this will be the case, but I’m hopeful Bryce will be back [on Thursday vs. ISU],” Self said on his weekly Hawk Talk show. “He practiced full speed [Tuesday]. I’m hopeful that we can get him in there because he will give us some good minutes and he will take some pressure off of Marcus [Garrett] as far as having to dribble it up every time and initiate.”

2022 DB Nunu Campbell adds Kansas offer, hoping to visit
The University of Kansas is not totally unfamiliar to 2022 defensive back NuNu Campbell. Even before the Holland Hall (Okla.) prospect reported his first offer from the Jayhawks, he was hearing from a former KU player in his head coach, Tag Gross, who played for both LSU and KU in his college career.

Bits o Chalk

New York Knicks' Derrick Rose says he has 'synergy' with coach Tom Thibodeau
"Of course," Rose said after scoring 14 points in 20 minutes in his debut Tuesday night, a 98-96 loss in Miami to the Heat. "Even though I couldn't say that at the time, I just wanted to be comfortable. Like I said, I've been knowing these guys ever since high school, eighth grade, high school, so coming here, like I said, it's family. I never really thought about anything else but really getting here and understanding they wanted me to help grow the young guys they've already got here."

Russell Wilson frustrated by 'getting hit too much,' wants more say in Seattle Seahawks' moves
"Like any player, you never want to get hit," Wilson told reporters via Zoom. "That's the reality of playing this position; ask any quarterback who wants to play this game. But at the same time, it's part of the job and everything else. I think that the reality is that I've definitely been hit. I've been sacked almost 400 times, so we've got to get better. I've got to find ways to get better too."

Dallas Mavericks have stopped playing national anthem before home games at owner Mark Cuban's direction
The Dallas Mavericks have stopped playing the national anthem before home games at the direction of owner Mark Cuban, he confirmed to ESPN on Tuesday.

Kansas City Chiefs assistant coach Britt Reid put on administrative leave amid crash probe
"We remain in the process of gathering information on the incident, and we will continue to assist local authorities as requested,'' the Chiefs said in a statement. "Our focus remains on [the girl] and her family. We have reached out to the family to offer our support and resources to them during this difficult time, and we will continue to pray for her recovery.''

Eraser Dust

The Comedy Industry Has a Big Alt-Right Problem | The New Republic
I’ve spent the last five years writing about the comedy industry, the last three or so covering inequality and extremism within it. This work has periodically brought me in contact with some of the leading lights in the scene’s transgressive edge—the place where popular, mainstream comedy bleeds into the kind of right-wing politics that animated the Capitol riot last month. It’s a place hostile to prying eyes, and the blowback can be furious. I have been harassed and trolled on social media. I have been doxxed, as have members of my family. And eventually, I found my way to a message board where ToxicCisWhiteMaleFat—who I have reason to believe, though I cannot definitively prove, is a person at the heart of the New York City club comedy scene—and others participated in the Gamergate-style campaign that had been conducted against me.

Why is America spending $100 billion to send nukes to Montana? – Daily Montanan
For example, one of the main purposes of the system is to provide a target for superpowers like Russia or China to strike. The calculus goes something like this: If an enemy wanted to strike at America’s nuclear capabilities, they’d have to launch dozens of missiles of their own at places like Montana to disable them enough to impede a U.S. counterattack. This would mean that Montana and its storehouse of missiles would be among the first area targeted, likely wiping out all human life in Montana, according to the report’s author, Elisabeth Eaves.

Everybody Hates Millennials: Gen Z and the TikTok Generation Wars | The Walrus
The more I scrolled through its videos, the more it became clear that TikTok’s much-reported generational differences from the millennial internet were not just a well-observed detail but rather the whole point. TikTok has become a core way for Gen Z to express its own ethos, aesthetic, and attitudes—sometimes resulting in outright hostility toward millennials and boomers (though rarely Gen Xers, forever the forgotten middle child). Millennials, especially, are frequently criticized on the app for their perceived immaturity and whining, their predilection for Harry Potter and BuzzFeed, and their overall corniness

Michigan Sen. Mike Shirkey Calls U.S. Capitol Attack A Hoax : NPR
Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, in a video posted on YouTube of a meeting with Hillsdale County Republican Party officials, said of the Capitol insurrection in which five people died: "It was all staged."

Travelers to England can face 10 years in prison under new COVID-19 policy | Fox News
Any traveler who visits the England from a "red list" country faces steep fines a possible 10-year prison sentence, reports said.

New Allegiant Air flight coming to Kalispell
Thanks to growing passenger numbers and the $100 million expansion to the Glacier Park International Airport, Allegiant Air is adding a new route to San Diego.

Brain Teaser of the Day

Andy, Mike and David check into a hotel. The room costs $30 and they split it 3 ways so they each pay $10. After a little the while the hotel manager realizes the room only costs $25 so she gives the bellhop $5 to refund Andy, Mike, and David. On the walk to the room the bellhop realizes it will be difficult to split $5 three ways. So he pockets $2 and gives each of them $1.

Each guest paid $9 for the room (3*9=27). The bellhop has $2. Where is the last dollar?