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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Dayton Flyers

The crew gets together to tell you what is going to happen in today's game.

NCAA Basketball: Fordham at Dayton David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks beat North Texas yesterday to advance, but the margin was much closer than expected. Up next are the Dayton Flyers, who dispatched Miami yesterday. A win will put Kansas into the finals against the winner of Belmont and Iona. But after what happened to Alabama yesterday, is there any concern about actually getting there?

Take a look at what our staff thinks, and then leave your own GIF prediction in the comments below!

Fizzle406: Kansas played Dayton in the 2009 tournament. I think Cole had a triple-double in this game. Anyway I became a dedicated reader of a Dayton blog for like 4 months afterwards. I’m glad they won their game against Miami because I didn’t want to revise this prediction. Kansas 77, Dayton 69

Kyle_Davis21: I didn’t go back to 2009. The game that came to my mind initially was the 2019 Maui Invitational title. I’m not sure this one will be as epic. Dayton is five spots below North Texas in KenPom and plays just as slow of a tempo. Dayton is shooting an efficient 56.7% from 2-point range but is only 29.6% from 3, which makes it seem like the 11-19 shooting from 3 against Miami on Thursday was a bit fluky. I like Kansas by a similar margin as North Texas. Kansas 78, Dayton 65

Mike:Plank: Bill Self publicly lit into David McCormack after the North Texas game yesterday. Let’s see if that gets his attention. If it does, the Flyers are in trouble. The joke going around Twitter is that this is for the 2020 national championship. Let’s hang that banner. Kansas 83, Dayton 62.


Andy Mitts: There isn’t much of note in this matchup except for one thing: turnovers. By that, I mean Kansas doesn’t force many, and Dayton keeps committing them. Which trend continues will determine if Kansas wins this one by 13 or by 30. Kansas 87, Dayton 52