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Kansas Jayhawks Football Predictions: Texas Longhorns

The crew gets together to tell you what is going to happen in today's game.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Texas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks are down in Austin today to take on the Texas Longhorns. They look to get the win that was ripped out of their hands last year when Texas cancelled (TWICE!) due to COVID (aka "trying to avoid the embarrassment of a loss to try and keep Tom Herman's job")

Can Kansas pull off a huge upset, or at least keep it somewhat close?

Take a look at what our staff thinks, them put your own prediction in the comments!

dnoll5: Screw it, in the season preview I predicted that KU would win their first game and then the Texas game. Sticking to it I guess, even though I also pledged to only predict that KU would score zero points in all other games following one of their earlier losses. Kansas 24, Texas 21.

Fetch13: Coming into the semifinals, it’s fair to say England and Pakistan had been playing the best among all of the teams in the tournament, but both New Zealand and Australia made great run chases to knock both of them off, setting up a tremendous rivalry matchup in the final. New Zealand has made each of the last 3 finals in all three formats, but with Devon Conway out due to injury, I think Australia have to be the favorites so I will pick them to win their first t20 world cup crown

Fizzle406: full disclosure, I checked out of football months ago. I have no idea what’s going to happen but Kansas isn’t winning. Texas a bunch, Kansas less than a bunch

Kyle_Davis21: Texas is the better team and will likely win by double digits. But man, would it be great if Kansas could send Texas into the SEC with a fresh set of jokes. I’m going to do my part in willing it into existence. Kansas 28, Texas 24

Andy Mitts: I’m not sure if I’m glad that everyone has jumped on the crazy train with me, or mad that everyone is trying to steal my thunder. I started the week thinking there was absolutely no way, but the meme potential was still fun. But the more I think about it, the more I talk myself into it. Jalon Daniels showed a lot of flashes last year when he wasn’t running for his life, and this OL is much better than that one. Plus, as good as Texas has been on D, their weaknesses are exactly where Kansas excels. The real key is going to be how well Kyron Johnson can disrupt the Texas QB, and I think he makes a couple big plays to keep them from ever getting comfortable. Let the memes begin: Kansas 27, Texas 24

And we’ll let Mike sum all this up with this: