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Notebook: Rankings Maul Kansas

Well, why don’t you just check your neighbours drains. I’ll hold

28th Annual American Music Awards Photo by Chris Weeks/Liaison

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Irregular production has KU football offense ranked 100th or worse in a number of key categories |
The spikes — such as a 33-point, 530-yard outing for KU at Duke — show flashes of the Jayhawks’ potential, but so far KU’s offense is experiencing more crashes and inconsistencies. As a result, many of KU’s statistical measurements have fallen short of where Leipold and offensive coordinator Andy Kotelnicki would like them to be.

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Source - Dallas Cowboys release former Pro Bowl linebacker Jaylon Smith
The move comes as a surprise because Smith has not missed a game in his career and the Cowboys are on the hook for his full $7.2 million base salary. The team had some trade discussions earlier in the season, according to sources, but a deal never came to fruition. By releasing Smith now, the Cowboys are free from the $9.2 million base salary in 2022 that was currently guaranteed only for injury.

Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan -- Urban Meyer 'must regain our trust and respect' after 'inexcusable' conduct
"I made a comment when I got here about the logo, about an owner who wants to win in the worst way," Meyer said on his radio show on 1010 XL in Jacksonville. "That's one of the reasons I came here. I just, I admire that guy so much. ... And so, that's what makes me so angry at myself that I lived that, I believe that and I failed.

Boston Red Sox oust New York Yankees, ready for 'huge challenge' against Tampa Bay Rays in ALDS
As the ball sailed over the center-field fence, landing 427 feet from the plate in a horde of happy Red Sox fans, Xander Bogaerts turned to the Boston dugout to flex his muscles before resuming his home run trot.

New England Patriots releasing CB Stephon Gilmore; source says contract talks fell through
"We enjoyed so much success together and you have been an incredible inspiration for my individual achievements," Gilmore wrote. "... To Mr. Kraft, the coaches, and the organization thank you for providing me with this platform and allowing me to be part of greatness. Most of all I want to thank my teammates who lined up next to me every Sunday with one goal in mind."

Eraser Dust

Pitchfork Reviews: Rescored | Pitchfork
What follows are 19 ideas about rescoring a handful of Pitchfork album reviews. These adjustments are born out of conversations we have all the time here on staff, much like the conversations you, our dear opinionated reader, have as well. They are hypothetical, which is to say, not canon, but rather a fun little diversion, a conversation-starter brought to you by the individual grievances of the Pitchfork staff. From slight adjustments to major reconsiderations to grave errors in judgment, enjoy a bit of our revisionist history.

Kalispell restricts marijuana sales to industrial areas | Daily Inter Lake
Based on the council’s action Monday, those regulations will restrict marijuana businesses to Kalispell’s industrial zones. Marijuana dispensaries, cultivation and manufacturing will be an administrative conditionally permitted use in those zones, as long as they are placed more than 300 feet from schools, parks, churches and residential zones.

Biden summons bank CEOs, other business leaders as debt ceiling showdown with GOP escalates - The Washington Post
President Biden has invited the leaders of some of the nation’s biggest banks to the White House for a meeting Wednesday to discuss what administration officials say would be the devastating consequences of failing to lift the debt ceiling, three people familiar with the plans said.

US Department of Education overhauls Public Service Loan Forgiveness program - CNNPolitics
(CNN)The US Department of Education announced major changes Wednesday to a federal student loan forgiveness program that the agency says could bring relief to more than 550,000 borrowers working in government and nonprofit sectors, including around 22,000 borrowers who will automatically be eligible for student loan forgiveness without needing to take additional steps.

Supreme Court to weigh Sept. 11 terrorism suspect's request to learn more about his torture
WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Wednesday will consider whether Abu Zubaydah, the first Sept. 11 terrorism suspect known to have been tortured by the United States overseas, can be told about his treatment, including where he was held.

Auschwitz II-Birkenau barracks vandalized with antisemitic, Holocaust denying graffiti - The Washington Post
“Such [an] incident — an offense against the Memorial Site — is, above all, an outrageous attack on the symbol of one of the greatest tragedies in human history and an extremely painful blow to the memory of all the victims of the German Nazi Auschwitz-Birkenau camp,” the museum said in a statement.

Pope expresses 'shame' at scale of clergy abuse in France : NPR
"There is, unfortunately, a considerable number. I would like to express to the victims my sadness and pain for the trauma that they suffered,'' Francis said. "It is also my shame, our shame, my shame, for the incapacity of the church for too long to put them at the center of its concerns."