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Kansas Jayhawks Football Predictions: Iowa State Cyclones

The crew gets together to tell you what is going to happen in today's game.

NCAA Football: Northern Iowa at Iowa State Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks are in Ames, IA for their first road conference game of the season. I'm there too, so is there a chance I see a Kansas win (or at least a competitive game)

Take a look at what our staff thinks, them put your own prediction in the comments!

Fizzle406: For the last noncon game of the season, I think the guys will be up and come out swinging. Unfortunately, probably won’t be enough. Hawkeyes 39, Kansas 22

Kyle_Davis21: I have no idea how good Iowa State is. Maybe it’s 34.5 points better than Kansas, but I haven’t seen enough to know for sure. What I do know is the Jayhawks need to keep throwing the ball down the field. Embrace the deep ball. Kansas will still likely lose, but look better doing it. Iowa State 42, Kansas 21

Mike.Plank: This looks like the classic matchup of unstoppable force versus movable object, at least when Iowa State has the ball. The Cyclones shouldn’t have any trouble offensively against the KU defense, while the Jayhawks will likely find it difficult to move the ball against the ISU defense. Let’s hope Leipold and company have some tricks up their sleeve, otherwise this could get ugly fast even though KU has been a first-half team so far this year. Iowa State 52, Kansas 17.

Andy Mitts: Despite the special teams and offensive issues that Iowa State has, I just don’t know how much Kansas is going to be able to take advantage. The offense is going to have to score quickly to even have a chance to keep it close, but ISU pulls away late regardless. Iowa State 34, Kansas 17