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Behind Enemy Lines: Iowa State Cyclones

Matthias of Wide Right & Natty Lite answers a few questions about Iowa State before tomorrow's game.

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Baylor Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

With the Kansas Jayhawks traveling to Ames, IA to take on the Iowa State Cyclones tomorrow at 6pm, I figured it was about time to get back to our scouting previews with those that know the opponents best. This week, I’m joined by Matthias of Wide Right & Natty Lite.

RCT: Coming into the season, most people expected Iowa State to be a contender for a playoff spot. What have been the biggest reasons that the team hasn’t loved up to expectations to this point?

WRNL: It really has been the offense for Iowa State that is holding them back. They have not found their way yet and it is very frustrating. Breece Hall over the last few weeks has started to trend up but other than that, there seems to be struggle everywhere else. The offensive line has taken a step back and it was pretty darn good last year. They may not even be in the top 5 right now in the conference. Brock Purdy is inconsistent and making silly mental errors and missing easy throws. Then the gameplan and play calling seems to be best described as the Chicago Bears - no plan.

RCT: What’s been the one thing that has most surprised you about this team so far?

WRNL: I think we knew the defense was going to be good but their ability to flip a switch and absolutely body someone is amazing. They can shut you down in a hurry and make a long afternoon for you.

RCT: Let’s highlight some of the underappreciated players. Who are some players that Kansas fans should know about that they don’t already?

WRNL: We really haven’t seen too many underappreciated guys jump out yet due to all the older guys coming back. Though I will toss out Jaylin Noel. I know some Kansas fans may know him already, the Kansas City native. He gets plenty of snaps in the offense and we are just waiting for him to make that first dynamic play. Maybe it is this week?

RCT: This defense still looks like one of the best in the country. How could Kansas be successful in attacking them on Saturday?

WRNL: Flying a plane to the end zone. Just kidding. Baylor had their success attacking the edge and pinning Iowa State’s ends down in the line. If Kansas can do that they can probably move the ball. With a mobile quarterback as well like Kansas? We have seen some Iowa State fits in the past from mobile QBs. This will be the fastest one they have faced this year.

RCT: If Kansas manages to keep this game close (or somehow scores an upset), how many things have to happen, and what are they?

WRNL: You have to hope for the Iowa State offense from the UNI game. Some turnovers and catching the Iowa State defense napping. All that piled into one complete shitstorm will get it done.

RCT: Prediction time! How bad of a whipping does Kansas get this week?

WRNL: I actually have Iowa State winning 45-10. I really like Lance Leipold and what he brings to Lawrence but he has a total rebuilding job to do and this season for him is about finding guys who want to play and can build his culture. It’s going to take some time, but that’s ok. With that said, I think this will be a refreshed Cyclone team after kind of taking it on the chin last week and they will be looking to land some punches early on to set the tone. Much like the UNLV game, I see Iowa State controlling this one.

RCT: A big thanks to Matthias for answering a few questions for us. Don’t forget to check it the questions I answered for him over on WRNL.