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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Tennessee Volunteers

The crew gets together to tell you what is going to happen today.

Purdue v Tennessee Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

It's the Big 12/SEC Challenge, and prior to the season, this game between the Kansas Jayhawks and Tennessee Volunteers was expected to be the marquee matchup. Instead, these two teams are struggling, and Kansas is trying to snap a 3 game road losing streak. Can they get it done? The crew gets together to tell you just how successful they will be today.

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Kyle_Davis21: Here’s the good thing for KU in this matchup: Tennessee plays at a slow pace, does not shoot the ball well, especially from 3 (32.5%), and only 32% of its shot attempts on the season are from beyond the arc (294th in the country). The Jayhawks have to keep the Vols off the offensive boards (an area where they excel), but if that happens, then this is not the type of Texas or Baylor team (or even Oklahoma) that can blow a bunch of teams out. I still need proof that Kansas has figured some stuff out like the last four minutes of the TCU game before I pick KU to win, but I think it stays close. Tennessee 64, Kansas 63

David: I made an optimistic prediction for the TCU game and look what that got me. Tennessee hasn’t looked great lately but for the season as a whole they’ve been good, with a borderline elite defense. When I look at the opponent’s profile and see that shot blocking and two point defense are among their calling cards, I immediately brace for the worst with this KU team. Tennessee 65, Kansas 50

Mike.Plank: Kansas hasn’t looked great lately, but for the season as a whole they’ve been good, with a borderline elite defense. (Ok, so maybe KU has just an average defense this year, but that was still fun.) I know that things haven’t appeared great for KU in the last four games, but I’m not ready to give up. At some point, this squad will rally, show some pride, and start raining threes. (#Motivation) Let it fly, BIll. Kansas 72, Tennessee 66.

dnoll5: Man, there is no way that I could possibly care less about this game. The fact that I watched a Star Wars movie and totally forgot about the TCU game is proof enough that I’m tuned out. Add in a meaningless non-conference game during a pandemic, and you get the most half-hearted prediction from me in all my years here. I’ll say KU somehow wins. I’ll check Twitter after the game to see if I was close. Kansas 66, Tennessee 64.

Fizzle406: I expect we will drop out of the Top-25 here shortly. The NIT is gonna be loaded this year though. Tennessee 65, Kansas 59

Brendan: At some point I’m going to stop convincing myself that at some point this KU group will bounce back and be just fine. Not today, though. I’m going with the (probably bad) logic that this team is due to actually play well on offense at least once, and against a Tennessee team that hasn’t been phenomenal over its past few games, I’ll say it happens today. Plus, after seeing this video, I have to pick the Jayhawks. Kansas 68, Tennessee 67.

Andy Mitts: The SEC in general is not great this year, and Tennessee is on a similar trajectory as the Jayhawks. This team seems to be in need of a jump start, and Tennessee is the perfect team to do that against: an underachieving team that’s still a big name that these guys can stay up for. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but I think they pull it out. Kansas 69, Tennessee 66.