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Player Ratings to the Theme of Things that Should’ve Happened Sooner

Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

This post was a long time coming (get it?) and with some inspirational ideas from other RCT contributors, it’s finally happening. Add in that Kansas played the Sooners, and this has more puns than you’d ever need. But I’ll wait a do a pun related ratings post for the next time Dave Armstrong announces a game. For now, you get some things that should’ve happened sooner than they did.

5 Stars: Trump losing his Twitter account

The obvious five star. Let’s move on.

No one was a five star. This game was hard to watch at times.

4.5 Stars: MLB deciding to incorporate Negro Leagues Stats

I think this is one of the best “better late than never” decisions in the history of pro sports. These guys were amazing players and should be recognized as such. It’s not their fault society and Major League Baseball were so backward back then.

See the reasoning for the five star.

4 Stars: America caring about Covid

Still waiting here.

I think David McCormack goes here. Made some really important shots (and maybe should’ve gotten an assist on that airball that Marcus Garrett put back). He still shoots it too much and one rebound is quite pathetic even though OU’s shots were bouncing all the way to half court quite frequently. Finished with 17 points including the basket that clinched it at the end.

I also think Ochai Agbaji belongs here. His 14 were second on the team and he was three of seven from three including a hot sequence to get KU going in the first half.

3.5 Stars: 2020 Ending

Seemingly, this should be high on the list. But then on the sixth day of 2021, we get a terrorist insurrection at the capitol. Still, 2021 should be better, right? RIGHT????

Usually you don’t find guys with seven turnovers this high in the ratings, but Jalen Wilson absolutely nailed two threes late in the game that became crucial. He also snagged 11 boards.

Mitch Lightfoot was the best of the substitutes. Finished with seven points and added some energy and defense in the first half.

3 Stars: Sheahon Zenger being fired

That guy sucked. Then again, we have Jeff Long now, so this sits firmly at the three star location.

Lots of guys go here. I’m really liking Christian Braun’s ability to rebound to save him from having an extremely poor rating. Proves that the guy keeps his head in the game even when he’s airballing threes in crucial moments. Had five points and nine rebounds.

Marcus Garrett sure hasn’t been the same since he looked like he had Covid (I hope he didn’t).

Tristan Enaruna and Dajuan Harris are three stars as well. Can’t give them lower and can’t give them higher.

2 Stars: Missouri Leaving for the SEC

Let me mull this over. The higher the star rating, the more it should’ve happened sooner. Yeah, that’s it. I wrote this after all. So maybe this should be higher. Yeah, it should definitely be higher, but then again, I kinda miss them. Counterpoint: good riddance.

Tyon Grant-Foster trying to do too much at the end of the first half summed up his day pretty well.

1 Star: Michael Lee’s shot against Syracuse.

Now I’m mad. This is definitely a good one for this list, but because it creates such angst, it gets the one star.

No one was as bad as that moment in 2003 was agonizing.