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How To Watch and Open Gamethread: RCT Begins Rocket League Action in Week 1 of the WRNL eSports Championship Series

RCT gets started tonight!

It’s finally the start of the WRNL eSports Championship League, and the first week brings us the Rocket League competition. The bracket is below:

Our Rocket League team consists of myself, my youngest son, and one of his friends. You can catch the match with “official” commentary over on the WRNL eSports Twitter account, or we’ll be streaming our play here:

College and Magnolia is already talking trash, so hopefully we can avenge the 2019 KU basketball loss in the NCAA tournament.

Assuming we win, the semifinals will be tomorrow night. Make sure you tune in as we try to take an early lead in the Championship standings.

If you missed the action last night, you can see the first match (which ended in the mercy rule) in the recap over on the WRNL eSports Twitter Account. It wasn’t pretty, so hopefully tonight’s matchup is more entertaining.