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4 Days Until Kansas Football: Season Over/Unders

For entertainment purposes only.

NCAA Football: Kansas at Texas Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for some prop bets! While this is not a sponsored post, I do feel obligated to post a link to where these bets came from. Standard reminder that you should never, ever, EVER, bet on sports! This is for entertainment purposes only. Never bet more than you can afford to lose. Bet with your head, not over it.

Odds per ( unless otherwise noted. The numbers are as of August 25, 2020, and have been adjusted to reflect the planned 10-game season.

Let’s get to it.

Kansas Over/Under wins: 2.0

This opened up at 3.0 back in April, but is down to 2.0 presumably due to the 10-game schedule. It makes sense - to push, KU needs to beat Coastal Carolina and knock off just one Big 12 team. Kansas hasn’t won two games in the same season against Big 12 opponents since Todd Reesing’s junior year (2008).

Over/Under Average Home Attendance: 12,495.5

KU is currently scheduled for five homes games. We already know there will be zero fans at the home opener. If I did the maths correctly, to get the over, KU would have to average 15,620 in the last four home games. Note: 25% capacity at Memorial Stadium is 11,750.

Pooka Williams Over/Under Rushing Yards: 965.5

Pooka would have to average 97 yards per game to get the over. At first thought it looks like a low number, but upon further review, it’s not completely crazy. Pooka has averaged 99.3 yards per game to date in his KU career, at a 6.0 yards per carry clip.

Andrew Parchment Over/Under Receiving Yards: 605.5

Parchment had 831 receiving yards last year at Kansas, and would need to average just 61 yards per game to get the over.

Leading Passer Over/Under Passing Yards: 1,550.5

MacVittie or Kendrick? Kendrick or MacVittie? And what about Jalon Daniels? Whoever is behind center for Kansas, they would need to average just 156 yards per game to get the over here - assuming they start/play all 10 games. The real bet here is, “Will one quarterback play all 10 games?”

For reference, Carter Stanley averaged 222 yards in 2019. Even Peyton Bender averaged 157.8 yards in 2018.

Leading Passer Over/Under Passing TDs: 9.5

Again, the real bet here is, “Will one quarterback play all 10 games?” If you think yes, then averaging 1 TD per game will get you the over. Again for reference, Stanley notched 24 in 12 games last season, and Bender tossed 13 in 12 games in 2018.

Odds to Start Most Games at QB:

1. Thomas MacVittie: 2/3

2. Miles Kendrick: 7/3

3. Jalon Daniels: 9/1

There’s probably some good value to be had with Kendrick here, but MacVittie is a clear odds-on favorite.