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KU Football releases Week 1 Depth Chart

We now know (almost) all of the starters.

NCAA Football: Nicholls State at Kansas Amy Kontras-USA TODAY Sports

The time for speculation has officially ended - well, everywhere except quarterback, right guard, and place kicker, apparently.

Kansas has released its week 1 depth chart, and since it happened on a holiday weekend, RCT was the first to put pen to paper (so to speak) because we’re just bloggers.

First, a look at the depth chart:

Kansas Football Week 1 Depth Chart

If that photo doesn’t work for you, you can check it out on Twitter by clicking here.

First thing that stands out that absolutely no one is surprised by is the “OR” at the quarterback position. It seems Thomas MacVittie and Miles Kendrick will indeed go down to the wire in the QB battle.

Second thing I note are the eight true freshman that have worked their way onto the two-deep. Particularly surprising is along the offensive line, where Bryce Cabeldue and Garrett Jones are listed as backups. Elsewhere on offense, WRs Steven McBride and Lawrence Arnold have made their way on as well.

Defensively, LB Alonso Person claims a spot, as well as CBs Duece Mayberry (yes, that’s spelled correctly) and Karon Prunty. Johnquai Lewis is listed at free safety. However, Prunty is the only one of the eight listed as a starter. All told, the depth chart is definitely younger than I expected.

The third thing I note is a spot for fullbacks. Having two fullbacks listed on a depth chart sends off warning sirens in my head, as I thought we were done with the power run game. The only time I want to see a fullback in the game is inside the five-yard line, and sometimes not even then.

Fourth and finally, no Will Huggins at TE? I really was expecting (or maybe just hoping) for that. No Sosinski there either, as it looks like KU will once again go with Jack Luavasa.

All in all, though, not a lot of surprises here.