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Kansas Jayhawks Football Predictions: Baylor Bears

The crew gets together to tell you what is going to happen today.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 01 Sugar Bowl - Georgia v Baylor Photo by John Korduner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Kansas Jayhawks had a performance to forget their last time out, and the Baylor Bears have yet to play thanks to two COVID cancellations. That means most people are probably pretty curious as to what we can actually expect to see today.

To help with that, the crew got together to tell you what is going to happen. Disagree? Leave your prediction in the comments below.

Fizzle406: During Mike’s 100 days till football series, I had an idea to use NBA 2K to simulate the season. I went through and assigned KU’s opponents as NBA teams and handicapped the games based on their preseason rankings and the difficulty level. KU was the Atlanta Hawks and Baylor was the Memphis Grizzlies. I had it on Hall of Fame mode and I lost 94-30. Shortly after I gave up because i suck at the game and getting my ass beat by the CPU isn’t fun. But that does seem like a realistic score so i’m keeping it. Baylor 94, Kansas 30

David: The only hope here is that Baylor is incredibly rusty from still not having played a game yet. There was nothing evident on either side of the ball in that awful Coastal Carolina game that would suggest we can hang around with a team that played for a Big 12 championship last year. Even if Baylor is rusty, it won’t be enough to get Kansas a win. Baylor 56, Kansas 6

dnoll5: Last week I said that I was only going to predict the most asinine of scores. Well, 3-2 didn’t exactly work out, but I’m much more confident of this prediction. Baylor 80, Kansas 7.

Kyle_Davis21: I have no idea what to expect from Baylor given that it’s a new coach and the Bears have yet to play. But the only sample size we have from KU is not a positive one. And even if Baylor is rusty, to David’s point, I can’t imagine the offense is rusty enough not to put up points against this defense. I’ll say the offense is better but better is relative and still not likely good enough. Baylor 45, Kansas 21

Mike.Plank: Check out the preview for a full prediction, but long story short? Charlie Brewer has to be salivating after watching KU’s defensive “performance” against Coastal. Baylor 58, Kansas 24.

Andy Mitts: Apparently nobody listened to the podcast with Thor this week, as the fact that the Bears haven’t had a game yet is huge.

I think Kansas gets off to a quick start, scoring the first 14 points. But even though Baylor is replacing a ton, they had a ton to begin with. Starting in the second quarter, Baylor seems to flip the switch and makes up a bunch of ground fast. Kansas is left with a garbage time score to make it more respectable, covering the spread at the last minute. Baylor 35, Kansas 21