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Coastal Carolina is back on the schedule?

NCAA Football: Coastal Carolina at Kansas Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Per reports from the Sothern Illinoisian, also picked up by, KU's single non-conference opponent is no longer Southern Illinois, a game initially scheduled for August 29, after New Hampshire's conference cancelled their season. Before COVID disrupted original plans, KU was set to travel to Coastal Carolina, as part of a three year home-away-home series.

Now, per those same reports, Coastal Carolina is back on the schedule, set to play in Lawrence on September 12. No formal announcement has been made by either school yet, but the reports continue to pick up steam. It hasn't been made clear why the game would be switched to Lawrence, but one can assume this means the next meeting will be flipped to Conway, SC.

You may recall that Kansas lost that matchup, as Les Miles and Les Koenning continued trying to run an 80s-style power offense, only to follow it up with a new style and blowout win over Boston College in the next game.

We'll keep you updated once (if?) this is made official.