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89 Days Until Kansas Football: Reasons for Pessimism

If you haven’t had the kool-aid yet, there are probably some good reasons why.

Kansas v Iowa State Photo by David K Purdy/Getty Images

Oh, you silly kool-aid drinkers. Do you really think Kansas has a chance to do anything this year? Here’s the glass half empty approach to the upcoming season.

Defensive Turnover

Not the good kind of turnover, either. This is the kind where you have no idea who will be playing defense this fall. Due to Corione Harris’ legal troubles, I would expect the Jayhawks to have just four returning defensive starters. Kansas appears to have some young talent, but emphasis on young - I’m talking freshmen and sophomores.


Kansas doesn’t have a quarterback on the roster with significant D1 experience, and for the second year in a row, QB looks like Thomas MacVittie’s job to lose. However, junior Miles Kendrick and even incoming freshman Jalon Daniels should get plenty of opportunity to take the job. Your guess is as good as mine here.

The Big 12

Kansas broke one long losing streak last year, but has still dropped 49-straight road games in the conference. That number jumps to 52 if you count three neutral site games against Missouri. Kansas almost knocked off Texas and Iowa State on the road last year, but the Jayhawks were not competitive at all at TCU or Oklahoma State. This year, KU will travel to Waco, Manhattan, Morgantown, Lubbock, and Norman.

The Manhattan Hex

Some thought that once the White Wizard retired, Kansas would be able to compete with K-State once again. KU came into last year’s Sunflower Showdown off of back-to-back games of 500+ yards of total offense. The Jayhawks had their first sellout since 2009. And, it was the first time in forever that Kansas was a single-digit underdog to a conference foe. The Jayhawks proceeded to lose by four touchdowns in a game that wasn’t even that close. If KU can’t do any better than that against K-State, forget about competing with the rest of the Big 12.