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92 Days Until Kansas Football: Podcast - Returning Amid A Pandemic

I’m joined by Ari Temkin, host of Big 12 Radio on SiriusXM

Thanks to the pandemic, it isn’t certain if our countdown to football will actually end in a football game played by the Kansas Jayhawks. But whether that happens or not depends on how well schools and conferences across the nation are prepared for players returning to campus and the eventuality that some players or staff will test positive.

To help explore just how prepared the Big 12 is, I’m joined by Ari Temkin, who talked with Bob Bowlsby about this very topic. We also talk about what you might see from KU Football this year, and got sidetracked by the lost basketball season as well.

Topics Include:

  • Bob Bowlsby’s comments on level of prepardeness to start football on time.
  • Are early infections helpful in testing systems?
  • Factors that affect how early teams are coming back.
  • Derailed by basketball talk
  • Turning the offense over to Brent Dearmon
  • Big 12 coaches address George Floyd protests

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