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76 Days Until Kansas Football: Podcast - Deep Dive into Oklahoma Football

Kamiar Mehrabian of Crimson & Cream Machine joins the podcast to dive deep into OU and what the senior day matchup against KU might look like.

Mike gave a great primer on OU in yesterday’s entry into the countdown, and again, there is only one thing that he couldn’t provide: an inside look at what to expect from this team.

To get that, we welcome Kamiar Mehrabian of Crimson & Cream Machine back to the podcast. We talk about Spencer Rattler, the holes in the defense, and if the rest of the conference has any chance at all.

Topics Include:

  • Just how good will Spencer Rattler be?
  • How much of his Heisman odds are because of Lincoln Riley?
  • Who steps up in the receiving corps?
  • Importance of OL consistency
  • Holes on the defense
  • Is Oklahoma the least affected by COVID-19 cancellations?
  • Looking through the early schedule
  • Concerns about the Kansas game.

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