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The Daily Mauling: 6.1.2020

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George Floyd protest. Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Not posting anything sports related today because there is nothing in sports worth talking about right now.

(3) George Floyd protests across America: Live updates
Late night in lower Manhattan, the mayor said there was looting. “That is unacceptable in NYC,” he said, adding “were going to address that very very aggressively.”

As the George Floyd protests continue, let's be clear where the violence is coming from | Opinion | The Guardian
Nevertheless, much of the finger-wagging has been about property destruction, and it is dismaying to see that some are more upset about broken glass than public killing – or rather that they seem to believe society ought to rest on a foundation of stable property relations, not human rights and justice.

Trump briefly taken to White House bunker during Friday's protests - CNNPolitics
As protesters gathered outside the White House Friday night in Washington, DC, President Donald Trump was briefly taken to the underground bunker for a period of time, according to a White House official and a law enforcement source.

L.A. Curfew Extended Through Sunday – Just Under 400 Arrests Saturday – Deadline
Police Chief Michel Moore said there was “hundreds of thousands in property damage” related to Saturday’s protests, which were concentrated in the Fairfax area on Beverly Boulevard and 3rd Street before moving to Beverly Hills and other areas. He said there were “just under” 400 arrests related to Saturday’s demonstrations, which followed Friday’s 500 arrests for a downtown melee.

Twitter changed its profile to honor #BlackLivesMatter - Business Insider
Twitter's official account changed its profile features in a nod to the Black Lives Matter movement as violent protests raged in cities across the country over the death of George Floyd, a black Minnesota man, at the hands of a white Minneapolis cop who kneeled on his neck for nearly nine minutes

Myrtle Beach declares Civil Emergency after 'credible threat' against MBPD | WPDE
Myrtle Beach Mayor Brenda Bethune Sunday declared a state of civil emergency.

Louisville police, National Guard shoot man; Beshear announces probe
Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear announced that he has authorized state police to conduct an independent investigation into the Monday morning incident in which Louisville Metro Police and National Guard personnel fatally shot a man.

D.C., Atlanta mayors call for calm, say 'solution is not to destroy our cities'
“We’re sending a very clear message to people that they have a right to exercise their First Amendment rights, but not to destroy our city," Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser said in an exclusive interview on "Meet the Press."

Billie Eilish slams ‘All Lives Matter’ advocates - New York Daily News
“I have an enormous platform and I try really hard to be respectful and take time to think through what I say and how I say it,” the 18-year-old singer wrote in all caps in an essay she posted to Instagram Saturday, noting she was fed up. “If I hear one more white person say ‘aLl liVeS matter’ one more f--king time Im gonna lose my f--king mind.