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NCAA Issues Reply and Statement of Case

The NCAA isn’t backing down.

NCAA Basketball: Kansas at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Well here we go, KU Basketball is back in the news.

The NCAA has filed its official reply to KU’s response to the allegations, which you can read here. The NCAA has also issued its “Statement of the Case,” which is available here.

RCT broke down the notice of allegations back in September and KU’s reponse back in March, if you need a refresher.

Basically - they ain’t backing down. In the very first paragraph, the NCAA says that the violations are “egregious, severe, and are of the kind that significantly undermine and threaten the NCAA model,” while calling the university’s response “defiant.” The NCAA says few facts are in dispute; the primary issue dividing the parties is regarding responsibility.

The NCAA refutes KU’s accusations of “unprecedented” and “novel” theories (that corporate sponsors are boosters, and a former head coach is an institutional representative for life), saying that by-laws and “ample case precedent” do indeed cover those topics.

Obviously, feel free to read through the links above and offer your thoughts in the comments below. To me, I’m still a bit flabbergasted that Kansas is getting thrown under the bus for players it didn’t even get - Ayton, Zion, etc.

Up next, Kansas will be assigned a hearing date before the committee on infractions. The university will present its defense, and the NCAA will follow that hearing with a ruling. And as always, Kansas can appeal any penalties that may be assessed.